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  1. Good work. Subject doesn't apply to me, as I have a room in Bangkok and elsewhere stay in hotels prices 300-700 THB per night. I take similar notes for hotels in the provinces. In some places, I find a good hotel at first try, others I have to shop around and take a different hotel every time I stay in that town. Safe is not important to me. My pet peeve is lack of space to put stuff on in bathroom. I prefer bathroom sink in a tiled table. In some hotels, there is nowhere to put my stuff. The sink itself is curved and will be wet. Tray under mirror often curved. Lid of water reservoir for toilet curved, and if something slides it might end in the toilet! Joiner fee is a scam they run in touristy places. In the provinces, I even brought two boys to stay overnight in a double bed room without problems.
  2. It's not clear where the boy you are talking about comes from (which country). That would be rude by my standards, i.e. I wouldn't treat anyone like that (unless agreed upon upfront). As for the mobile phone. I don't have the newest / most expensive Samsung or iPhone as I can't justify the expense for myself, and even less for buying one for someone else. My current phone cost 10k THB. In principle I would spend the same on a phone as a gift for a boy, but i have yet to meet the boy who brought me so much happiness and who I consider deserves such a gift. It's a vicious circle! Boys ask for a phone after sleeping with me once, some even before we meet. For that reason, I delay meeting them again, or don't meet them at all, so they can't bring me that much happiness to warrant that expense. Recent case was the boy in Sakaew. We had a good time in bed and I would meet him again as soon as possible. But he asked for a mobile phone (Samsung J6 for 7990 THB). For that reason, he went down in the list. Else, I would have gone to meet him again two or three weeks after, and if he had asked me after third meeting, I would probably have bought him the phone.
  3. If he shows up at all. I think their way of thinking is rather take the advance (let's say 200 THB sent by online banking), and do not show up, and block the customer on online dating/facebook/Line/phone number.
  4. Thanks DivineMadman for all his work and posting. If massage was my thing, I would visit all of them and contribute, but it's not (currently about one massage per month). Varying massage skills have been brought up. There was one guy I liked in (forgot the name, long closed, underneath BTS Sala Daeng on Eastern side). His massage was poor, but he was my type. And in the course of one year of working there, his massage skills did not improve. Occasionally friends who do not work in massage give me massage, and usually good.
  5. Did you pay anything upfront? I chatted with several money boys from further away, who I have not met before, who asked for an partial advance payment to cover travel expenses. I don't want to be the one to find out that that's a scam, and never did.
  6. Thanks all for your replies, especially sglad. I said "most Thais" and I correct this to "most Thais I try to get into bed". I have met honest, intelligent, hard working Thais, but they are the minority. There are scientifc studies [citation needed] that about half of a person's success in education is determined by genes, and about half is determined by social influences. Why do Thai trains not run on time? There is no traffic jam, everything can be planned to the minute, for days, weeks months in advance, but why are most trains late? When I travel out of tourist areas, I am sometimes approached by children, who out of curiosity want to talk with me. Let's assume they study English at school [is it compulsory? how many hours per week?], but their level varies considerably. Most of them just bring out "hello", "good morning teacher" regardless of time of day, and I have been greeted "fuck you" a few times (not literally, not as an insult, they were just proud to use the one English sentence they know). But a few would start and could hold a conversation over several correct sentences. Blame it on the educational system or the majority of the population not being talented for foreign languages (that would be the genetic influence mentioned above). Look what people of all ages on public transport are doing on their mobile phones, mostly playing games. A stage that I overcome around age 15. I have met plenty who are unwilling to learn useful things, like using the bus or the MRT. Whatever you call it when a 20 year old from upcountry, who has been in Bangkok for 2 months, does not know how to and does not want to use the bus, I call it STUPID. I remain by my statement, re-worded: For most Thais I try to get into bed, mental development stopped between age 12 and 15, but their body continues to age. I wish their body stopped ageing at 20 and their brain developed further. That's my opinion, based on five years of traveling and dating in Thailand. But I'm open for other explanations of the behavior/conditions I observed. My slight Asperger Autism [self-diagnosed and confirmed by friends] might explain that I see things different from most forum members and in a way that is not politically correct. Or I have been unlucky and met the wrong boys (5 years long), but for the trains there is a website that shows delays, and even trains I'm not on are delayed, so it's not me.
  7. Absolutely. Or as I put it in less favorable way: Most Thais' mental development stops between age 12 and 15, but their physical development does not stop (meaning, their body gets older). I wish it was the other way round: their physical development stops at age 20, and their mental development continues.
  8. Talking of filters, I don't use any. Some people do not have stats (age, weight, height would be important for me), or obviously wrong stats, and anyway it's entertaining to see who is around, even if not my specs. The video apps on hornet are indeed stupid. They advertise for facebook! I think mankind is split in: those who are already on facebook, those who do not want to be on facebook.
  9. I do not tip waiters or mamasan. I only tip staff I have sexual contact with: boys who sit with me 100, boys I off 1000.
  10. My experience is rather the opposite. Two recent cases: Boy from Nakon Sawan is in Bangkok and lives 3 km away from. He wants to meet, but after 2 months in Bangkok doesn't know how to get around. I send him detailed instructions (it's a straight ride by bus): "I don't know. Can yo come here?" Another one lives on the purple line MRT, but has never taken MRT! He wants to meet, but "I don't know. Can you come here and pick me up?" NO I WONT! That level of stupdity/idiocy/unwillingness to learn is huge turn-off for me. After reading such bullshit, my interest in that boy is gone for the day (but depending on boy and circumstances, I will try another day and if I can combine it with other activities, or are horny, might go to pick him up).
  11. Automatic translation sometimes gives good results, in other occasions is useless. You have to consider that it works poorly for slang, and that's what most posts on facebook or online dating are. But for clear pronunciation / correct writing and standard language, results are good. A recent example: I was in Central Plaza Westgate and got a message from a Thai who used online translation: Can you guess what it means? To me it's immediately obvious, as the Thai word for "class" (in a school or university) and "level/storey" (in a bulding) is the same. So he was asking me to come to 3rd floor toilet.
  12. Why is that? I have the idea that airspace at the altitude of commercial passenger flights is free worldwide. For China, there is just geographically no reason to fly over, unless you want to fly into China.
  13. I adjust my frequency of visits to prices. In Bangkok, I go only to one bar, and only a few times per year, when friends from abroad are in town. Let's make that 4 bar visits per year. In Pattaya, I visit 3 or 4 bars per night, sometimes two nights in a row, once per month. In both Bangkok and Pattaya there are bars that I don't visit at all because their business model does not fit my preferences.
  14. Gayromeo has lost considerable and is only worth considering in Bangkok and Pattaya (I haven't been to Phuket or Chiang Mai for a while, so I don't know how active it's there). When I go to the provinces, I first open hornet. But that's only because with a free account I can see a limited number of profiles, whereas with blued you can go around the world if you have time. The video advertising on hornet is really annoying. If I had to choose one of the three, it would be blued. A friend reports good results with grindr, some day I will open an account.
  15. For X-Boys Pattaya I have recent experience that you can have a boy sitting with you and get away without buying a drink. That's not my normal mode of operation, but here how it came: I'm not a fan of X-Boys Pattaya and haven't been for over a year. But I spotted a cute boy Ball online, and he works in X-Boys, and after over a year it's time to re-assess the bar and their show. So I went shortly before show to see the boys on rotation first, and then the show after. Before show started, lights went off and all boys left stage, and Ball came to sit with me uninvited (important; if I invite a boy I always buy him a drink). I think three staff asked me if I would buy him a drink, a firm "no" and they left me in peace and the boy sitting on my side. As there were only few other customers, I didn't feel he loses on opportunity for an off, and tipped him 100 when I left. The audition was positive, and some day I might meet him before or after work. I freely admit I'm a cheapskate. Under certain circumstances I can justify paying 280 THB for drink for me, but I cannot justify paying 300 THB for a boy drink. And if staff had told me the boy cannot sit with me unless I buy him a drink, I would have replied "then he will have to sit somewhere else", and taken all communication with the boy online. If a boy sits with me uninvited, and he is not my type, then no drink and no tip. X-Boys Bangkok, I haven't been for years (?) and cannot tell. But I clearly remember I offed a boy from Classic Boys about 2012 without even entering the bar, just asking at door if he is in, pay off fee, and go (after boy dressing). And similar elsewhere, but with entering the bar and drinking, call the boy over, ask him "do you want to go with me?" (no details about activities or money) and send him back to dress.
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