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  1. He is still there. As cute as two years ago, and massage and afters as good as two years ago. Facilities are as poor as two years ago. No hot water, but now the cold water has a temperature that is fine for, but I wouldn't want to shower with cold water in winter. The water tap has been fixed, but a lot of water comes out of the connection between shower head and hose.
  2. I reward performance (not by high tips, but by repeat custom), not cuteness. I have reached a point where performance is more important than cuteness, and I had boys who were just so-so looks-wise and who I would instantly dismiss as "too fat" if I had seen them naked before meeting, but somehow they turned me on in bed.
  3. ChristianPFC


    I'm quite happy with blued in Thailand. (The various apps have been compared recently. See my comments there fore details.)
  4. Massage and extras were perfunctory, and a ten minutes break which I find unacceptable, and on top of the (by my standards outrageous minimum tip) 2000 you gave an extra 300? I don't get it. Why did you have a driver waiting? There are taxi everywhere, on the road or online.
  5. Do I read that right that Dream Boys Paradiso has a drink price of 350 THB, down from 500 or whatever they used to charge at Dream Boys / Boys Bangkok in Soi Twilight? Then there would be no more reason for me to blacklist them for being the most expensive bar, and I can go and have a (one, for research purposes) look some day.
  6. Funny stories with the towels (ColmX), fridge and bathrobe (PeterRS). Those bottles have a cap that that shows if the bottle is sealed or was opened. And it's possible to check without damaging the seal. I would rather think that guests eat/drink from the room bar, and then refill it from 7-11 (solution would be the hotel puts sticker on it). I don't stay in such expensive places, where I stay in the provinces for average 500 THB per night, such problems wouldn't arise. But my pet peeve is a key deposit. It implies two things: 1 The guest is unable to look after his key. 2 The guest would not pay for the loss of the key. Even if this is true for 1% of the guests, it's unfair to hassle the other 99%. The hotel can easily bear the cost of replacing one key for 100 guests. Or am I applying Western thinking and such things happen so often, that the hotel has indeed to take such measures? Compare mobile phones. In 19 years of using mobile phones, I dropped one once, but I didn't damage it. Whereas the Thai seem to drop (cracking the screen) and lose mobile phone all the time. Unfortunately, key deposit is spreading, and location and price of hotel is more important to me than avoiding places with key deposit.
  7. I don't care what people expect. They can expect to die some day, with that expectation they won't be disappointed. For various reasons, I don't tip. And if someone ASKS me for a tip, I wish we were still living in times where it was socially acceptable to slap servants.
  8. My way of thinking! I rarely to go massage, but when I do it's looking for happy ending as well, and when the question of tip comes up, I offer 800 THB: 300 tip for massage and 500 for happy ending (getting my hands all over my masseur's naked body, mutual wanking). I have boys from the apps coming to my room for 1000 THB, and we do everything to my full satisfaction. I can't justify going to a massage shop, paying 400-500 THB for the shop (some even more, but I don't go to these) and then paying the masseur 1000. These places in Thailand make a killing from tourists who compare the prices in Thailand to prices in their home country, rather than to prices in Thailand. As you (z909) points out, some services are even more expensive in Thailand than in Europe. Absurd! I would say, worldwide prostitution costs on average 1 or 2 average daily wages. The prostitution scene for tourists in Thailand is way over that. A friend in Austria gets boys for 50 to 100 EUR. Do others have numbers from elsewhere in Europe to support my estimation? I'm not asking for escort/model/agencies, but the average pay-for-play encounter arranged on the apps or in a bar. AFAIK, most money boys in Europe are from Eastern Europe, not unsimilar to Thailand where many come from neighboring countries (except Malaysia)
  9. For the same reasons, it's my least favorite disco in Bangkok. I haven't been for years, and while I can tolerate loud music (earplugs), smoking is intolerable. There are various shopping malls on the Western side of the river, but Icon Siam is the only of interest to tourists.
  10. Details and pricing of Sauna Mania here: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2019/04/gay-activities-mar-2019.html
  11. Those numbers do not encourage me to visit. But I will location and drink prices; until now I didn't know that there are boy bars in Patpong 1.
  12. Chakran can be reached by BTS and walk. For Sauna Mania, I wrote details here: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2019/04/gay-activities-mar-2019.html
  13. Glad to hear you are fine. In times of cheap air travel, "other side of the planet" is no excuse. Your sudden disappearance was distressing, and if you get your blog online again, please let us know. I made a collection of fragments of your blog that I had saved or others provided: https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2013/10/shameless-mack-fragment-found.html
  14. Not at all. It's just that my attitude changed. When I was young, I was embarrassed being naked, even around family members, and now I poke fun at people in who change under a towel in gay sauna locker rooms, short of wiggling my willy at them. When I was young (gay in the closet), talk about sex by adult family members was embarrassing for me (for fear of being asked to contribute, or being exposed). Now THEY are embarrassed when I talk about my sexual adventures in Thailand and ask me to stop. It's so liberating not to have anything to hide!
  15. So that refers to your place in Vietnam? In that case, your Vietnamese parter would be the first who has access to your possessions, and can keep/discard/give government employees whatever he thinks they should get.
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