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  1. I have contacted various cute boys on Instagram and Twitter (don't know if they are on Onlyfans, in some cases don't even know if they are gay), but response has been poor, i.e. zero in most cases. Those who replied I haven't met any yet for space/time restrictions. Would you share your contacts in the online dating forum?
  2. Tourist visa is 36 USD (6 USD processing fee) when done online, 30 USD at the airport. In my case airport turned out faster as well (estimated 3 minutes, whereas I would have spent half an hour doing it online).
  3. See my blog for reports from Cambodia throughout 2021, e.g. https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2021/07/wop-cambodian-boys.html
  4. There are a few mixed gender massage shops on Rathaprarop road, opposite Baiyok tower. Occasionally, I spotted cute male staff there when walking or driving past.
  5. I found all these places are on google maps, and all those I went to in the correct location. There is no need for directions or a map.
  6. In the Superrich (plural) you will have to deal with several people and several documents, which I don't like. Last week I went with a friend from Philippines, and he left his passport in his room so they wouldn't serve him. I didn't have my passport either. But I had an idea: nearby are some family-run exchanges, which I usually go to because I don't like the crowds at Superrich, and there they served him without passport.
  7. "Yet Mae", literally "fuck (your) mother" is use the same way as a general insult as "fuck you" in English. "Ai Hea" literally "insulting prefix + monitor lizard" is used in a similar way (monitor lizard has a similar status as rat or dog or pig in insults in English). Without tones, and teaching the tourist how to pronounce them, the transcriptions are almost useless.
  8. Why don't you upload a few pictures so we can judge better? No seriously, go to see a specialist. Related, I recently got vaccinated with Gardasil9 (3 shots at 6000 THB each, not cheap), which gives some protection from anal, penile and throat cancer.
  9. After various negative experiences with taxis to/from airport, and with the benefit of arriving or departing at times the ARL is running, I have been using the ARL for many years. The reported queues are a sign of mismanagement, and the surcharge is an insult to me.
  10. The Thai ATM fees alone, let's say 200 THB for a withdrawal of 20 kTHB, amount to 1% loss.
  11. I just handed them my passport and 30 USD, and got it back estimated 3 minutes later with the visa. I was given an arrival card when I handed them my passport, which I filled out to show the immigration officer who would stamp me in. Here notes from my diary: Fill out customs form in airplane (but then they wave me through and I don't even have to leave the form). Fill out health declaration in airport (and some staff in Hazmat suits), and someone collects them but doesn't even look at the forms. Khmer tourist visa about 3 min, 30 USD. Immigration asks for duration of stay (that's the one information they need for doing their job), but not for reason of my visit, accommodation, vaccination, health insurance, proof of leaving, passport picture.
  12. I used the evisa first last year (it was available in Germany already last year) and again this year and really appreciate that I don't have to travel to embassy, and have my passport mailed back to save me another trip to pick it up. Price is the same online as at the embassy, whereas Cambodia 30 USD at the airport or embassy, and a 6 dollar service charge when doing it online. For Cambodia, I still prefer visa on arrival because it's cheaper and faster (I would spend half an hour on the internet, whereas at the airport it took estimated 3 minutes).
  13. Yes. Things change so fast in Bangkok. I noticed 2020 the old was being demolished, in spring 2022 the raw structure of the new was complete, and in August 2022 I visited the complete new and open center.
  14. A brain fart! How to implement the plan, collect and distribute the money? I would say (expletive deleted) and go elsewhere, and many others probably too. The overall effect might be less tourist money spent in Thailand. Every person and every industry is affected by Covid, but I think this proposal does not help. I certainly did my share by sending some money to friends and by staying one year in hotels in Cambodia.
  15. Sunee is the most quiet of all bar areas, but still where my needs (types of boys, how they are dressed, prices) are served best. In memory of good times years ago, and to show my support, I always stop at Winner and Nice Boys when I'm in Pattaya.
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