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  1. I don't remember such an incident. Someone on the long gone bitchboard (good riddance!) posted a picture of me. About two years ago I had several boys who wanted to take pictures or video of me, or us, or him, during activities, which I mostly rejected. And if such question comes up again, a clear NO. The problem is secretly taking pictures or videos. Some boys like to play on their phone before and after sex (some would even during sex), and I haven't found a way to curb that. Best would be to put my phone on a table out of reach from the bed, and to tell the boy to do the same. And dim the light. Most cameras perform poorly in low light. I like to have some light during sex.
  2. My experience is opposite. I took a few boys for sightseeing, and it usually after less than one kilometer of walking, I get "I'm tired/my legs hurt/it's so hot/sunny..." and two years ago I gave the room key to the boy so he could go back to my hotel room.
  3. Absolutely! I love reading about other's experiences and to share my own, but there has to be some privacy. I will continue trying to revive the gay online dating forum on sawatdeenetwork (now visible to members only), and will do the same here as soon as it gets members only. My following thoughts refer to gogo bars in Pattaya (Bangkok has gotten too expensive to go there regularly). I have gotten better over the year in selecting boys, and now half of my offs are okay (the lure of a new boy who might be better is bigger than taking this one again) and half are good (I will surely see him again). Half are repeat and half are new. I don’t care about eye contact and smile, but observer their behaviour with other boys or customers. Poor performing boy might get a second chance if he has a great body. Given the high number of boys I go through each year, I sometimes have to refer to my notes to decide whether to take a boy again or not. I don’t discuss activities or money in advance. I pay the going rate (1000 ST in Pattaya) and am quite flexible when it comes to activities in bed. Despite all the advantages of online dating, when I find a boy online and he works in a bar, I rather go to see him there. The boy keeping the same online dating account, Line account, phone number for long time is a good sign; frequent changing is a bad sign (at best that the boy is poorly organized, then he will probably have space-time-coordination problems as well). In online dating, delay time is important as well. To test delay time, I even do small talk.
  4. I used to have a signature, but that has been gone for some weeks or months without notice, so I assume signature has been disabled in forum software.
  5. A boy I met in 2010 or 11 told me: "My friend has (I can't make out the word)". Your friend has what? "My friend has (I can't make out the word)". Then I asked him to write the word on my phone: pormbel. I understand written, even if mangled, much better than spoken and instantly understood: problem.
  6. First: how well do you know and and does he want to go? Second: does he know his way around (I mean do not expect him to organize everything; some can, others can't and will be a burden). I would start negotiations with 1500 THB per night. If he wants more that a means either he is not interested in the place or in me or is greedy, all good reasons for me to forego this boy.
  7. Tipping, the perennial favorite! I would not have tipped anyone, as I don't need any advice from mamasan; and from waiter I only want him to bring my drink, which he is paid for by his employer. Either a reputation as cheapskate precedes me, or I look like a non-tipper, or I immediately forget such incidents, but I don't remember such problem. If someone asks for a tip, he will get a "no" and if he asks again, another "no" and the next person from that bar or elsewhere "no". I'm immune to those requests/demands/expectations, they run off my skin like water on a lotus leaf. When the big cock or fuck show performers roam the audience, I keep my hands on my lap and just smile and say "thank you" when they come to me. Being a single child and having lived alone might help for this: I do not do what others expect/demand/request I do, I do what I think feel doing.
  8. Not at all! There are few in touristy areas, but I have seen many, and used some, all over Bangkok (where it would take too long, and return fare for taxi would cost similar as the ST room, to take a boy to my room). In the provinces they are mostly resorts out of town, unsuitable for my needs (I don't have a car, and I have a hotel room in town). https://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/12/short-time-hotels-in-bangkok.html
  9. Except for gay saunas (no entry to women), discrimination against men seems to be much more common than against women. I remember in 2013, I saw a line of cute boys dressed similarly walk along Surawang, and could not contain my curiosity and followed them to find them all going into a back door. There was a kind of doorman, so I asked him where this lead and he told me a bar for ladies only. So there are bars staffed with cute boys, that do not allow entry to male customers! I couldn't make out where the main entrance is.
  10. Thanks for your report. I would sit through an all-male show once to see if there is something new, but if it's all ladyboys and lipsync, I have to schedule my visit so I'm done when the show starts. Similar for smoking, if it's too much, don't go in.
  11. Some weeks ago, I passed in the afternoon. Super A had signs of life and staff invited me to come in for a drink, but there were no boys. Golden Cock was open but there were only few boys, fully dressed. Nature Boys was closed and it looked like it would open at night, meaning no note or no sign of permanent closure.
  12. (Agree with "premium prices" meaning being outrageously expensive, and I take most of my business online or to Pattaya for that reason, but that's not the reason for my comment.) Gay bars and straight bars have different business models. In gay bars in Patpong, average prices are 350 drink, 500 off fee, 2000 short time; in straight bars 150-200 drink, 1000 off fee, 3-5000 short time. Correct me if I'm wrong (limited experience with gay bars there and zero experience with straight bars).
  13. My experience opposite. I logged in years, didn't tick any boxes, and remain logged in (only during change of web address did I have to log in again). Firefox and Windows 7.
  14. ChristianPFC


    Everywhere in Thailand. Or if you refer to (The various apps have been compared recently. See my comments there fore details.) I don't remember if it was this forum or another.
  15. He is still there. As cute as two years ago, and massage and afters as good as two years ago. Facilities are as poor as two years ago. No hot water, but now the cold water has a temperature that is fine for, but I wouldn't want to shower with cold water in winter. The water tap has been fixed, but a lot of water comes out of the connection between shower head and hose.
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