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Found 5 results

  1. While adding a few locations to my Google Maps saved places, I came across some reviews for the Golden Cock which make entertaining reading. Google has tagged it not "legendary infamous gay sleaze bar" (and I mean that in a good way ) but "karaoke bar" and so, despite all the external evidence, that's how the reviewers have read it. Incidentally, kudos to the bar for finding Indian music for one party to dance to. I wonder who was the more bemused.
  2. Hi guys, I am wondering where to find the GAY KINKY CLUBS at Bangkok. I am so bored about vanilla sex. Slowly getting into my GREY Shades. Wanna explore ONLY Safe Kinks though. Please suggest some places at Bangkok which one should not miss for their kinky fantasies
  3. As a Chinese forum member, This forum has been really helpful and informative for me. And there's one thing I'm really curious about if anyone have experienced while in Thailand. Since in Chinese culture, some people have been somewhat racist to our own kind lol. Most of last gen would worship a westerner for no reason, and so some of the Asian countries. But last time when I was in bangkok. Every gogobar I went, the mamasans and the boys (gay ones) have been somewhat focusing on me a lot. I don't know if that's because my young age or because of they are used to other chinese tourist who would tip a lot. I personally didn't understand why. And the scene which made me wanna post this thread is that. I was chatting with a mamasan in a bar, and I pointed to a boy on stage and told the mamasan I would love to chat with that boy. then before the mamasan called that boy over. Another table of some westerner foreigners called the boy over and started to chat with the boy I wanted. I told the mamasan that it was fine and I will wait til their table finishes their talk. But the mamasan WAS NOT HAVING IT. He waited like 10 seconds and went to that table and told the boy to rush up and come over to my table. I was so embarrassed because it was kind of rude taking someone out while they were having a talk. And as I expected, that whole table of people were NOT happy. They looked like they would come over and choke me to death if it was legal lol. It was stressful and funny at the same time. And the first thought came over my mind was that this would never happen in China, The waiters would not give a dam about local and would go serve the westerners. So I'm really curious if any other Thai places have given attitude to any forum members and serving somewhat better to other chinese(or other ethnicity) groups.
  4. Hey guys. Back in Bangkok and seeing if anyone wants to meet up and go out to the bars together. You can hit me up on LINE: MarkWallaceBKK
  5. If Thailand’s general elections to be held on 24 February next year as planned, Saturday 23rd February - Sunday 24 February would be “No Alcohol Day” so some gogo bars will be closed, some will open but no alcohol will be served. “No alcohol day” in 24 October this year, all Soi Twilight bars were closed but Jupiter, Moonlight and Screwboys were opened with only soft drinks served. Balcony and other bars in soi 4 were closed too. You may want to avoid those dates if you are planning your trip to Bangkok in February.
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