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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone, newbie 32m here, but this forum has been very helpful in trip planning. I'm planning to visit Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai in Spring of 2023. Looking forward to writing some trip reports myself when I touch down. I'm thinking about skipping Pattaya entirely, but let me know if I'm being crazy for that And if you have any recommendations for massage and gogo places in Phuket with cute twinks, please share haha! I've heard great things and I'm looking forward to it.
  2. I'm weighing up some options for an April trip, and with the Phuket sandbox being my fallback plan I wanted to see if anyone has info on the Patong scene or any islands/areas near Phuket. Have any members been to Phuket in recent times? Is the area around Royal Paradise Hotel in Patong the only place to find gay massage and host bars? My search has come up with the area around GClub and My Way Bar, with some massage shops scattered around as well. I know the apps are always an option as well, but I am working out where to stay and what I'm likely to find on with boots on the ground. Any info or experience is welcome
  3. From Bloomberg, September 6, 2019: From quiet beaches in Bali to empty rooms in Hanoi’s hotels, pangs from China’s economic malaise and weakening yuan are being felt across Southeast Asia’s vacation belt. A boom in Chinese outbound travel in recent years that stoked tourism across Southeast Asia is now in reverse gear. The abrupt decline of Chinese travelers is becoming a painful lesson for nations such as Thailand and Indonesia that had become overly dependent on Asia’s top economy. “The slump in Chinese arrivals and tourism spending is being felt throughout the region,” said Kampon Adireksombat, Bangkok-based head of economic and financial market research at Siam Commercial Bank Pcl. “There’s always a concentration risk when relying on one market, and many countries may not be able to find a replacement for growth fast enough.” The slump is expected to continue in 2020 if the trade war continues to weigh down the Chinese economy, he said. Rising incomes over the past decade fueled the wanderlust of middle class Chinese consumers, making them the world’s largest outbound travel market, according to a McKinsey report, with the total number of outbound trips more than doubling from 57 million trips in 2010 to 131 million trips in 2017. “Southeast Asia is usually the first destination for Chinese travelers when they opt for farther destinations,” said the report. McKinsey’s 2017 China Outbound Traveler Survey had shown that the highest number of package trips were booked to Southeast Asia. Mandarin-speaking tours, Chinese eateries and Chinese mobile payment services mushroomed from Danang to Yogyakarta, these travelers thronged to Southeast Asian hotspots, lured by their proximity and familiar cuisines. The pullback now threatens the tourism industry with pockets of overcapacity, after companies and local governments doubled down and poured millions of dollars into expanding resorts, hotels and travel facilities. The decline is already showing up in some hotel operators’ results. Thailand’s Central Plaza Hotel Pcl reported a softening of its hotel business in the second quarter due to decreasing Chinese demand, Ronnachit Mahattanapruet, the company’s senior vice president, said at an investor briefing last month. Occupancy in its Thai properties dropped 7% in the quarter, and the Bangkok-based operator has 2,040 rooms in the pipeline to add to its existing portfolio of 6,678 rooms. ‘Unrealistic Expectations’ The Thai capital is also expecting a new Ritz Carlton by 2023 as part of a $3.9 billion development, while Hilton will manage two hotels due for 2022 opening. On Phuket island, a favorite for beachfront weddings and scuba diving, there will be 18% more hotel rooms by 2024, according to consultancy C9 Hotelworks Ltd. International arrivals in Thailand this year so far have grown only 2%, data from Thai tourism ministry show. “The supply was based on people’s unrealistic expectations,” said C9’S managing director Bill Barnett. In Singapore, casino operators Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Genting Singapore Ltd. announced a $9 billion expansion of their resorts earlier this year after the country’s skyline was beamed across cineplexes as the setting of the Hollywood hit “Crazy Rich Asians.” Marriott International Inc. has 140 hotels in the pipeline across the region, with plans to more than triple its portfolio by 2023 in the Philippines, whose white-sand beaches and turquoise waters are such a draw that the island of Boracay had to close last year for upgrades to its sewage system. Thailand - Tourist arrivals from China have declined in five out of seven months in 2019 Indonesia - Mainland Chinese tourists have dropped for six consecutive months through July this year. Share of Chinese nationals among total foreign arrivals fell from 19% in early 2017 to 13% in July 2019 Vietnam - Visitors from China, Hong Kong dropped 3% in the first seven months of 2019, compared to a 34% surge in the same period last year Singapore - Visitors from China dropped month-on-month in March, May and June. The June decrease in Chinese tourists defied an overall pickup in international visitors * Source: Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Indonesia’s central statistics agency, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism’s website, Khanh Hoa province’s department of tourism website, Singapore Tourism Board. Enamored with the sights made famous in hit movies such as Summer Holiday -- a 2000 Chinese romantic comedy film set on Malaysia’s palm-fringed Redang Island -- Chinese travelers became the biggest group of visitors to the region, adding $403.7 billion to its gross domestic product in 2019. In Thailand and the Philippines, tourism grew to account for over a fifth of their GDP -- twice the global average. Boom Dissipated The boom dissipated in the first half of this year as China’s economy slowed, its yuan weakened to historically low levels, and an ongoing U.S.-China trade war weighed on consumer confidence. The decline is also affecting China’s economy at home, as big-ticket purchases like cars and luxury goods slow. While China’s domestic problems are key, factors in each Southeast Asian country are compounding the decline. The Thai baht has strengthened the most against the yuan this year among emerging-market currencies, making travel more expensive for Chinese tourists. A boat accident last year that killed 47 Chinese tourists off the island of Phuket also damaged confidence. In Bali, the tourism promotion board’s deputy chairman, Ngurah Wijaya, sees the hotspot as a victim of its own success. “Internal problems like traffic jams are among the main causes of the decline of Chinese tourists,” he said, adding that those who are still coming are staying fewer days and spending less. “It also seems like they have started to get bored with Bali.” Chinese ship Bilateral tensions after a Chinese ship surveyed underwater oil-and-gas blocks claimed by Vietnam in July may have contributed to the decline in tourists from China, said Vietnamtourism-Vitours’ deputy general director Le Tan Thanh Tung. To be sure, not every country is facing a sustained decline. Malaysia’s number of Chinese tourists grew 6.2% in the first half of the year to 1.55 million, according to official data. In the Philippines, tourism infrastructure and facilities are relatively under-developed, so it’s not seeing any pull back in hospitality projects, said Richard Laneda, gaming and property analyst at COL Financial Group Inc. Still, the slowdown in tourism weakens another growth pillar for Southeast Asia at a time when exports are taking a knock from the trade war. The International Monetary Fund in its July outlook pared back its forecast for growth in the region’s top five economies to 5% from 5.1% in its April report, signaling a further slowdown. Countries are now trying to diversify their outreach efforts to lure visitors from other nations. Thailand waived visa fees for Indian tourists earlier this year and airline and hotel operators are trying to boost connections between the two countries. Vietnam, where Chinese tourists accounted for a third of 15 million foreign visitors last year, is setting up tourism promotion offices in the U.K. and Australia, while direct flights between India and Vietnam are being planned for October. But in the short to medium term at least, the hole left behind by Chinese travelers seems too large to fill. “Chinese tourists are the largest group of visitors by numbers,” said the Bali Promotion Board’s Wijaya. “Even the rise in holiday makers from other countries cannot compensate for their absence.”
  4. Launch Party 19 May 2019 A couple of Dreamboy boys were invited.
  5. Hello! I have a question about guys in a white T-shirt from the Zag club in Paradise complex Patong. What is their role in this club? My English does not allow to understand what the presenter is talking about announcing their appearance on the stage. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  6. Guest

    Phuket "escort" ?

    Does anyone know this guy, he used to work in Phuket ? i had sex with him in July '15 and he's a great bottom, looking to fuck him again but seems not be in Phuket anymore, any guys knows his where about ?
  7. Hey everyone! Hope y'all doing good. Been a long time since i posted here (even though i'm lurking almost daily.) For the first time in almost 2 years, i will have around a 10 days of vacation next month and i'm planning on going to Pattaya/Bangkok (living in Chiang Mai right now but the gay scene here is at the moment 70% dead.... really boring.) The last month have been a very difficult one for me (my friend died at full moon party because she got stung by jellyfish, uncle died, boyfriend left, etc) so i'm basically looking to meet new people, change place and try to have some fun. The last time i been in Pattaya was in 2013 so i guess alot of things changed since then. I have a budget of around 25-35k baht (hotel/transportation paid.) Basically, what i would like to do is: - Meet with other people and make new friends around a good beer or a good meal (preferably foreigners since it's more easy to talk about a variety of things and our love for thai guys). - Organize a party somewhere - Meet twinks fem thai type boys (not too feminine though...) Ya that's basically that. I mainly would love to meet new friends and socialize and meet twinks thai boys. So if anyone of you in either Bangkok - Pattaya - Phuket have any suggestions (go-go, bars, spa, whatever) please let me know. Thanks!
  8. My first trip report to Bangkok and Phuket (08-Feb – 03-Mar 2013) Hello guys. I am a fairly new member and I would like to write about my first trip report to the LOS. It is from last February, 2013 – but I need this practice with this board to learn how all of this works as I will have my 2nd trip back to Thailand in December. Practice makes perfect. Background – I was sent by the organization that I work for to go to Bangladesh and then to Thailand in February. I had never been to Asia before and I did not know that this board existed – so I arrived very unprepared – so my first trip report is not as exciting as others that I have read here – but now that I am a new member since September and well read – I hope to maximize my next trip to LOS thanks to all of your great stories and advice. So this trip report is my thank you back to all of you for making this board great. 08 Feb I arrived from Dhaka to BKK and I stayed in the Riva Surya in the Pranakorn section of Bangkok. This is the area near the Chao Phraya River and beginnings of the famous Khao San road are. I was with work colleagues – so we just did the usual touri things; eating from the street vendors, looking at all of the shops, checking out the millions of tourists and backpackers, having some cocktails together, and getting a massage (clean – I was with heterosexual colleagues) from a very aggressive Thai massage lady. Weekend of 09 and 10 Feb – hung out with work colleagues and we visited the nearby attractions, including; Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun, Floating Market, etc. – no free time to venture out to check out the gay scene – even though I was itching to get there even though it was on the other side of Bangkok. “Good things cum to those who demonstrate patience” – I think my mom used to say something like that to me when I was a kid. Week starting Monday 11 Feb was my first free day, as my work colleagues left and I was alone to discover the “gay zone”. I did not yet know about these gay boards, so I was totally lost, so I started with the gay massage places as I did not yet know what a go-go bar was. I ventured out to Jey Spa (now closed), once I figured out how to use the Chao Phraya River Express boat system to reach the BTS Skytrain so I could reach Sukhumvit. Very confusing to a first-timer, but I eventually got it after getting lost, confused and asking the smiling Thais to help me. I entered the Jey Spa which was in a beautiful house. The manager greeted me and gave me a tea and some water, as he saw that I was nervous. Then he gave me a picture book so I could pick out my 2 massage guys – as I had ordered a 4-hand massage. It was very exciting. I needed his help to know who was there working and who was not, and who worked well together. Once we made the choice, he introduced me to the 2 guys and then they brought me upstairs for a shower and to start the massage. For the first 60 minutes I laid on my stomach and they massaged me in a synchronized way from my head to my feet. It was complete ecstasy. Then they told me to turn over and they worked my chest, legs, groin and then the “happy ending” zone – taking turns alternating on the 3rd leg. I had to stop them several times as I could not imagine how to make this last the remaining 60 minutes (it was a 2 hour massage). They let me touch them and to play with them. The more sexy guy, asked me to not make him cum as he told me that he had to perform that night and he invited me to come and see the show. But being new to all of this, I did not yet understand about the famous Twilight street – so I spared him having to have an orgasm that he would need to have later that night for the show. They were both sexy. After about 40 minutes, I lost the battle to resist, and they won, as the “happy ending” arrived. I took a shower, went downstairs and paid the 1,200 to the house and then 1,000 to each of the guys. The cost for this wonderful massage, 3,200 (approx.. 75 euros) would have cost at least 4 times as much in the EU country where I live – great value for money. During the evening I discovered the Silom Soi 2 and Soi 4 areas – enjoying drinks at the Telephone and Balcony bars and then eating there across the street and watching the exciting first timer eye candy sights. Then off to DJ to dance the night away. In hindsight I was so sad to find out from this board that there is so much more going on but I did not know it (the off boys, the other streets – especially Twilight – did not know it even existed). Anyway I had fun. Then later in the week a nice guy that I had met in Dhaka was staying in Pattaya and he surprised me by coming to Bangkok and we hung out the rest of the week doing all of the touri things and having a great time in the HUGE shopping malls and the shock of visiting the MBK shopping centre – where I almost had an orgasm at seeing all of the various Italian fashion clothes, Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, etc at 1/3 the price we find them in the EU - I could not believe it. Then my Bangladesh friend, much more aware then me about “fakes” made me understand that the majority of what I saw in MBK were copies. Anyway, I went on a shopping spree just to be able to bring back many new clothes to wear them back home (unfortunately after a couple of months back in the EU – realized that many of the clothes that I bought were already falling apart or not just keeping their shape). It was great while it lasted. Our routine for the entire week was shopping, resting, eating, hanging out on the Soi 2 and 4 and dancing until DJ station would close and having a blast and having sex and occasionally being romantic. Then on 18 Feb my Bangla friend had to return to Dhaka and I flew off on Bangkok Airways to Phuket and I booked myself in the Blue Dolphin Guest House, which is in the heart of Patong in the Paradise Complex where all of the gay action and fun is. Not to bore all of you with the details of this guest house, here is a link to a Trip Advisor review that I wrote about my fun stay there. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserRevi ... huket.html I chose the Blue Dolphin because it is in the Paradise Complex – but 2 streets away from the main noise – which is good for sleeping. In addition, this place is attached to a great massage centre where everyday after the day at the gay beach I took a great cream massage to cool down the sun burn and to relax all of the legs…..The guys are great and the managers, Bill (French) and Kim, helped me every day to choose the massage guys – but by the end of the week I knew enough of them that I could manage by myself as they often hung out in front of the hotel where you can chat and/or have a drink with them. I hope that I have not bored you yet….. Fun at the gay Patong beach. There were many Russians when I was there (18 Feb – 02 Mar) and I met one particular couple in the water. I had a daily habit to swim out to the end of the swim area where there are the ropes with the big floaties to keep them up and I used to sit on them to stay afloat and to watch the scene. On this one particular day, I saw these 2 sexy Russians hunting this super-sexy guy who looked Italian (but later found out he was from Cyprus) [i wanted so bad to have sex with the Cyprus guy but I did not qualify as I don’t have the muscles that he looks for as I have an average to slightly athletic body]. They managed to circle around him near me, and they started to touch him, stroke him, kiss him and then eventually pulled off his bathing suit in a discreet way (nudity is prohibited in Thailand) and started to do almost everything. I was so turned on to go and join them but I got scared and just swam near them and then away. It was broad daylight and too out in the open for me to join them but at the same time very exciting to watch. Then the next day at the beach, these same 2 Russian guys started swimming around me and then started the same things to me but I was not in the deep end and more in the center of the open beach in the water. They kept pulling me up out of the water to put their mouth on the 3rd leg and after 15 minutes of this I swam away because it caused a lot of attention and many other guys started coming near us in the water and again it was too open in broad daylight and too close to the shoreline – but again – very exciting. Met a sexy Thai guy on GR and we hung out for 2 days. He got me out of the gay zone on his motorcycle to see the country side of Phuket which is VERY nice and he took me to some very nice secluded beaches. But – these trips were always included with his neighbor and her son – who was about 7 years old. After the 2nd day of this, I realized that they were trying to look for a “new” daddy for this boy – because the women had gotten pregnant from an Australian guy who promised to bring them to Australia – and when he returned to Australia – he did not search for them anymore. So, they were hoping that I could somehow adopt the women’s son. I was very slow to pick up on what was going on and by the 2nd to 3rd day I became very affectionate with the boy as we would spend hours in the water playing “father and son” kinds of games. Being gay myself, I had never thought of having children and this experience temporarily woke up that desire to be a father that we have in some of us. By the 3rd day, I explained to the guy that I met from GR that I could not do this anymore and I split. I felt really bad – but this was not what I was looking for from my first vacation in Asia. I made sure to leave them some $assistance$ before running away back to my gay Patong life, as I hoped that they would put it towards the boys future. Who knows? Was I scammed?? By the way, the GR guy and I had some great sex when we were alone. Almost done guys…. Then on 02 March – I flew back to BKK on Bangkok Airways to return to the Riva Surya hotel in Pranakorn, Bangkok. It was just easier for me to stay there as I had left the luggage from the Bangladesh leg of my trip at their hotel. So, what should I do on my last day in BKK? I decided to venture out to the fantastic Guy Spa, near the Asoke BTS station. I walked in and they offered me a tea and some water and instead of giving me a picture book to select the massage guy(s) they showed me a plastic covered menu – where I had to pick my treatment package, preferred oil (sniffing each one), length of time and then guy(s). This is where it became interesting. The manager blew a whistle and around 12 sexy guys stood in front of me and I had to choose 2 for my 2 hour 4 hand massage. I became so shy and embarrassed – that I did not manage and I asked the manager to assist me. I was not used to being in a human meat market. I need more courage – hopefully this board will give it to me. I told him that it was important that the 2 guys worked well together. The 10 that were not chosen were sad that I (we) did not pick them. I felt bad for 10 seconds and then got over it. They are all just so cute and sexy all yelling “pic me”. Then the 2 guys returned with a big wooden bucket full of warm water topped with rose petals. Each one of them removed my sneakers and socks and began to perform a foot scrub and massage in the reception area. Then they dried my feet and asked me to follow them upstairs. I felt like such a Prince. The room upstairs was incredible – it was big with a Jacuzzi on one side and a Thai massage bed on the other. The put me in the middle and undressed me – they would not allow me to undress myself. Then they brought me to the Jacuzzi to wash me while I stood up – with 1 on either side of me. It was great. Then they dried me and brought me to the bed and began to massage me (I was laying down on my stomach). Instead of the synchronized 4 hand I got in Phuket, they instead worked on different zones (head and shoulders) and (ass, legs and feet). They did this for 60 minutes and it was complete heaven. Then they turned me over and instead of alternating the working of my 3rd leg, only 1 guy did that while the other guy massaged the rest of my body. Of course I had to stop the 1 guy every so often to keep from having a premature “happy ending”. The one working my third leg let me play with him while the 2nd guy was too far away to allow me to conveniently play with him. Just like in Phuket, after about 40 minutes I could no longer resist the “happy ending”. Around this time the 2nd guy disappeared to the other side of the room to fill up the Jacuzzi while the 1st guy cleaned me off and eventually brought me over to the Jacuzzi where they asked me to immerse myself in the nice hot foamy water where one sat behind me and the other in front of me and they washed me for the remainder of the time. It was complete heaven. Then they dried me off and dressed me. Then back downstairs to pay the tab and to drink some tea and water as I was very dehydrated after the royal treatment. Price was more or less as in Phuket and for a massage like this in such a beautiful room in the EU, it would have cost at least 500 euros – so again, great value for your money in the LOS. This concludes my first trip report. I will write another one (more timely) after (or during) my next visit in December and January to BKK, Chaing Mai, Koh Samui, and Pattaya. Thanks, Martin
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