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Want to Visist Colombia? Love Sexy Latinos?

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I normally don't post from other sites but I know Firecat spent some time there and many friends I have met in Thailand have also visited.  View this report from a guy who just spent a month there.



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I have yet to visit Latin America and South America.

There are numerous issues on SAFETY and DRUGS.

But I will want to do it one of these days before I kick the bucket.


Are Latinos really good lovers? 

I had limited encounters with Columbians - I find them too short (hieght not penis) for my likiing.

But the mocha-smooth skin and that deep-set eyes... enough I'm salivating.


I like the madness of "LIVING LA VIDA LOCA" and having sexy men telling me, "DESPACITO"

2 of the craziest songs from that part of the world...

not forgetting, Buena Vista Social Club


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