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Have You Given Up Netflix? How about TrueVisions?

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Last week we learned that Netflix has been losing subscribers for the first time in about 10 (?) years. If you had one, have you given up your subscription?

I joined less than 2 years ago. At first I really enjoyed a few of the movies and especially binging on several of the multi-episode series during lockdowns. I still subscribe but apart from one movie I have not even checked the site for months. It's not that TrueVisions has much to offer, although I am a junkie for some of the news, current affairs and sports programmes. Its movies channels are a disaster as they now churn out repeat after repeat of mostly old films. Not long ago, two separate channels were both showing the same Bourne movie about half an hour apart! It has also started showing programmes made in Holland, Greece and other countries without any subtitling in either Thai or English!

Its programming started to go seriously downhill some years ago when it gave up the HBO channels. Others have also disappeared merely to help the company boosts its own profits. Fox Sports went last year to be replaced by two channels devoted to SPOT TV. This shows a series of sports programmes, many way out of date, which have little interest for me (other then the occasional Japanese men's volleyball!) Why viewers in Thailand would be interested in regular Korean baseball beats me, the more so when Japanese baseball is far better. Even Taiwanese baseball would be worth seeing as its players are much cuter!!

One of its lowest ebbs was when it failed to bother obtaining rights for this year's Australian Open Tennis in January, an event it has broadcast for many years. Apparently the rights had been snapped up for much of Asia this year by a company named Be-In Sports which is based in Qatar.

I know something about TV rights and True could easily have purchased the rights from Be-In. But it could not be bothered doing so, no doubt because that would have cost more than it paid in previous years. On the first day when I realised it was not showing the Open Tennis, I had a series of long phone calls with its call centre supervisor who could do nothing but keep giving me the party line about True being unable to obtain the rights. I then tied her up in knots regarding TV rights and accused True of paying zero attention to subscribers. Apparently so many other complaints were received that, lo and behold, the Tennis Open was carried by True from the following day! So much for fake party lines!

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We have netflix and prime. I find the two of them cover enough stuff that we don't need anything else. I'm not interested in paying for cable for a huge range of channels I won't watch. The fact that you end up subsidizing fox news with cable is another disincentive for me.

I guess if you're a sports junkie, you might need some kind of service like that. We watch american football, but just do pirate streams of the games. The league's greed make it extremely expensive to follow a non-local team.


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I started watching the Netflix Money Heist series during my brief stay in Quarantine in Bangkok in November.     The first series of it was rather good.

When I checked into The Quarter, they had Netflix, so I watched a few more episodes.   I later found out that Netflix there isn't provided by the hotel, but it was customers who signed in on the smart TV and didn't sign out when they left.   Then I discovered that Netflix had a special in Thailand, where you can subscribe for 99baht per month for use on Android series.    So I did that and watched the remainder of Money Heist.   The later series are not as good.

I stopped that subscription after 2 months.    I have no plan to resume at present.

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Netflix, disney, hbo go plus a local cable tv with VOD in malaysia. Only one we pay directly is netflix, the other two comes with the local cable (it does add a bit of money for disney, but free hbo go if your took the movie package). All in all, ive always have something to watch. Im sharing access with my parents and siblings though hehe.

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