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Summary report- BKK Oct 2022

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26 minutes ago, floridarob said:

........ so I went to Hot Male downstairs where I was supposed to meet @vinapu . It was getting late and most places were getting ready to close when I saw him come walking towards the bar, but went up to someone else sitting at the bar and hugged him and started chatting. I figured he knew him from other trips....come to find out he never met him before. So I yelled out, "what am I chopped liver" and he said, am I supposed to know you to which I replied, I'm Floridarob....then he realized his error and said bye to the other guy. He was in Hot Mode and everything was closing so he went to wonder the streets and from his reports, he scored someone that had finished work at Tawan and was having drinks with his friends. I didn't find anyone and got some 7/11 food to take to my room.

it was funny mistake I admit but I was mislead by one of Hot Male's boys who on approach told me ' your friend is waiting for you " pointing at , what I thought , that other  guy. Add to it being right of the plane after 24 hrs on the road, easily to be confused in my age , LOL

On another hand not that confused as indeed I managed to score that Tawan guy and it was find as I lost contact with him good 4 if not 5 years ago. I wonder who used vacation time better that night , me with that guy or you with 7/11 food but yes , we are all entitled to our preferences. If was great to see you at both ends of your trip. Sorry I dumped you   at Senso but indeed I know whom I liked and got penalized for abandoning you as guy was not as good as his looks are and cut me on time which is grave sin in my eyes. Certainly I was not his type as on my next visit about 2 weeks later he did not even look at me. 

Small correction , Foodland is 7.5 stars , not just 5 and we both know why, LOL 

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43 minutes ago, floridarob said:

My friend is into nice restaurants, so we went to Blue Elephant for dinner...nice waiter from Myanmar good food and friendly service.

The Blue Elephant on Sathorn has been open for about 20 years. It is a perfectly lovely up-market Thai restaurant with great food and service. Definitely highly recommended. Rather pricey though.

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