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The Savannah PRIDE Festival is celebrating its 18th year in operation. We have come a long way in our mission over those years and we hope that this year you are proud of what we have accomplished. On October, 28th 2017 Savannah PRIDE will take place in Ellis Square / City Market. With so many guests from out of town (nearly half of all attendees), we wanted to bring PRIDE right to the center of town, allowing guests to experience shops, restaurants, tours and everything else that Savannah has to offer. We are excited to engage the community and put Savannah as the focal point of 2017's PRIDE Festival.

This year Savannah PRIDE Festival in the Ellis Square area is FREE to all of the general public to enjoy. However, we will offer the purchase of a wrist band that will entitle the wearer to special deals and discounts at local businesses for the day. This year PRIDE has also stepped up it's exclusive V.I.P. area with a place for our guests to go to relax, have a cocktail and enjoy the pampered service of PRIDE.

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