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Really thinking of doing a trip to Mexico next February 2019.


Have 5 weeks of annual leave.


Any info on where the boys are?

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Only reading the other forum-branches now.

As I am just clearing out my bookchests etc. I re-found a (yes, thats old-fashioned) book about it all, from before 2000. In short it said the boys are everywhere and easy to find. Be careful-many stories about theft. MEX-DF (=distrito federal=capital city) has a very lively and quite large gay scene, with shows, sauna and all. Acapulco is said to be the best for beachside, though lately also has a big rep for crime. Having been there also around 2000 I do remember this was indeed the case, with some planning-at that time. I guess here also the apps and sites have taken over.

Being just back from a short trip to Spain (BCN) there is also the nasty habit of all things happening late at night or the wee small hrs-bars open by 23.00, shows are at 1/2.00 am etc. Dont like that at all.

BTW-if youre still contemplating and not booked yet- again I heard fantastic reports about Colombia, a ,little further south and also very Spanish/latino. Can at least confirm that the contacts I had with Colombian lads in Espana made me long for more!

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