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Cape Town, South Africa

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I was asked about whether guys are available...

Not that I am aware of. The gay scene has declined a lot over the last 10 years.

There used to be 2-3 gay male brothels in the city centre, guys for hire on the Sea
Point beach promenade at night, several gay bars and coffee shops in the CBD as well as gay guys advertising massage services in the classified section of the local paper. And historically there was lot of cruising activity in the major gay gym (Virgin Active in Green Point), more take-away than consume-on-the-premises. The notorious highlight was one year when a vacationing American porn star after his work out put on a show in the steam-room as he auto-fellated. There was quite a line of guys trying to get into the steam-room. 

When I first visited and was single, I met a male model in a bar. He stayed over at my hotel for breakfast and all it cost me was 2 beers in a bar. I’d meet guys at the beach or the gym and get sucked off for free. Sometimes a guy might need to be invited for lunch first and that might cost $15. One time, I met a visiting Brazilian model who was very handsome and in Cape Town for work but very lonely; that cost me a seafood dinner and 2 bottles of wine - turned out to be a great investment of maybe $70. I’d say then that it was most unusual to be asked for cash; the invitation for a drink or a meal made it less transactional.

Like everywhere, I guess the action has moved online to the apps. There is still a gay bar (now billed as the only openly gay bar in Africa) and a gay cafe. There’s also a gay sauna in the city centre. There’s also gay nudism and cruising at Sandy Bay, a beach south of Llandudno, about 20kms south from the city (but NB men have been robbed there). 

I am talking here of athletic or muscled young white guys that I met. In the past, I was propositioned by some black guys, whom I suspected were G4P, but I’ve no idea what they did or what they charged. I’m told there is a whole scene of Cape Coloured guys - don’t criticise me, that’s the term they use about themselves; they are mixed race - involved in male prostitution and servicing black men at the main railway station (a very high crime risk zone). Also, some educated Cape Coloured guys studying at university discreetly seek ‘sugar daddies’ in the bars and clubs to finance their studies. 

I thought I’d post this in the Africa section too in case anyone searches in future.

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thanks for the info, you are always very resourceful. You certainly tempted me to go again haha. I went there a few years ago, maybe 5, and I got in touch with a few guys through criagslist, now that route is shut down. They were somewhat pricey and not very upfront about pictures etc, I didn't pursue them. But after I left two of them emailed me again, with less price and asking multiple times to meet but it was too late. My stay was relatively short and maybe they thought I was a resident. One emailed me once in a while over a year, though I didn't respond. The economic situation must have been really bad. Either way, I don't think I tried grindr for this purpose and I don't remember meeting guys on grindr either. But i didn't go to bars or sauna and wasn't really active because I wanted to see the town and go around for a short stay.

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