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Telefone goes- and comes back as CIRCUS

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One of those venerable and long standing BKK gay places- mentioned in any of the 100s of ´gay listings/travelguides´ in print or on www has also bitten in the dust. Its in Silom soi 4 and at the end could not longer survive all the restrictions.

Even though I guess about anyone in this forum will also read/follow the other gay-TH forum (often named the ´bitchy one´) were I just read this, I felt it appropriate to also post it here-for the sake of completeness.

It has been taken over by the Phuket based Pride concern, and it seems the old manager now works and leads the place for them.

Not clear if those old telefones (well, most of you seem to be old enough to remember how these worked and what they were for?!) will be able to find a new place in this circus.

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