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Best time and days to go to various saunas in Rio and SP

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On 2/4/2022 at 1:10 PM, topjohn5 said:

So, as I understand this, being a total sauna virgin, there is now only one escort sauna in SP...Lagoa...is this correct?

What are the days AND times to go there? I understand in my reading the weekends are slower for all saunas.

In Rio there is only 117 and 202, is that correct. Same question: what are the days AND times to go to these two?

What a dumb question to keep asking...over and over again...

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH..Its not that hard

Once you get to Rio and start meeting boys, they will also tell you the best days to visit the saunas..

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As I remmber best days are usual friday or saturday - IF THERE IS NO IMPORTANT SOCCERGAME :D. 

In Club 117 (R. Cândido Mendes, 117 - Glória) was a day with free use of cabins (i think it was wednesday) and there were so many hot escorts but of course also lot of clients and longer waiting time for cabin. In this Sauna are the more muscled escorts. I prefer this sauna not onyl because of the hot escorts but also because u can travel easy by subway . And  there are lot of taxis at the subway station for your ride back.

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