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Silom laundry

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any post covid-19 recommendations for getting laundry done in the silom area?

We used to use Sheraton Tailors which was just a few doors past the Glitz on surawong, but that's all closed up now.

Found a self service washing machine shop in the small alleyway that used to house Super-A, but of course we had no drying facilities in the Raya. In the end it was cheaper to buy new clothes than to use their dry cleaning facilities, especially with the way my BF goes through clothes changes in a day!

Thanks in advance!




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17 hours ago, daydreamer said:

S.T. Laundry & Alterations.  It's located in the Silom Terrace building, on Sala Daeng Soi 2, which runs parallel to Silom, directly behind the Silom Complex.  Walk out the back door of Silom Complex, and it will be to your right, across the soi, less than a minute away. 

If your BF goes through as many clothes changes a day as you say, make sure he carries the laundry bag!!





Thanks Daydreamer!

Was hoping for something on the surawong side of Silom, but I guess it's better than bringing home a suitcase of dirty clothes!

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10 hours ago, NIrishGuy said:

When at home and if I'm missing Thailand I just buy nice clothes that are 4 sizes too small for me, tie a tiny piece of wool to them and then take them out of the back, realise they'll never fit me ever again and just pretend I've just got them back from my Thailand laundry service ! lol 🙂

I am the opposite. When I miss Thailand I take out some of my neatly starched clothes from my last trip and savour the smell of freshly laundered holiday clothes!

Reminds me of getting ready to go out on the town!

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