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I have 2 tickets for TAKE ME OUT for sale.

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My friend accidentally purchased 2 tickets on the wrong date: Sunday, May 29, 3 PM. 2 tickets, Orchestra Row G. The tickets are $128 each. Several are selling on StubHub for $400. My friend is not interested in upselling. $128 each is what he paid.

This award-winning revival play features full-frontal male nudity. It's a limited run. PM me if you are interested in buying these tickets.



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Much to my surprise, my friend was able to sell his two tickets on StubHub at a $200 profit. I guess all the hubbub regarding Jesse Williams' cock caused a hot demand for tickets. The show we went to was sold out.

Jesse Williams' cock was quite a looker. In fact, I've never seen a cock that large on stage before. This guy is super hung, and the cock is very pretty. Throughout most of his shower scene his cock faced the audience. The expertly shaved COCK, in all it's swinging glory, glistened before the audience for at least 3-5 minutes. The audible gasps, particularly from Black women in the audience were quite amusing, if tasteless.

Actually, all the cocks (and many asses) in the show were quite handsome, but among the White guys, Tyler Lansing Weaks could also have a career in porn. Very large. The two Latino actors (playing Latinos) also sported very large cocks. One of the guys actually looked like he was semi-erect. Found that interesting, since it is rumored that some of these guys get fluffed before doing the shower scene.

This revival happened to be terrific. Jesse Tyler Ferguson did a terrific job as Jesse Williams' gay financial manager. His Tony nomination is solidly deserved. He may just win it.

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