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colombia trip this march

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I went to Colombia this march for 2 weeks and as it was my first trip there and i asked a few people a lot of advice I feel that I shhould share a bit about the trip 

The trip was a week in Bogota and a week in Cartagena I started in Bogota and booked a hotel in chapinero which seemed like the right place lots of gay nightlife and a lot of escorts around. Bogota is a great city people are friendly and its very easy to find boys there. I speak no spanish and it seemed like noone spoke much english aside from a few people at some of the tourist attractions. That makes it harder as a solo traveler I think if i was travelling with a likeminded friend i would have had a blast in bogota.

The boys I ended up taking to the hotel I met online I am not a big nightife fan and prefer a good fuck and a dinner to a night boozing. There were tons of goodlooking boys and they were eager to meet up. Making plans for several days ahead turned out to be almost impossible prehaps its a language or culture thing but i found it was better to look for the boy when you needed him and take who was available.

All chat is on whatsapp and google translate was all i used and it worked well.

Spent the second week in Cartagena where there were quite few rentboys on the sites and none in my flavour bracket ( twinks) but with the help of a spanish speaking forum member i had set up my grindr profile and soon i had a lot of messages and I ended up going out with a nice dark student while was there i had booked a cheap hotel and had no problems bringing him there 

Cartagena is a lovely town the old town is beautiful and the food in the resturants is great and reasonably priced I really enjoyed the city and prehaps its also because i had a great 18 at my side there who spoke a good deal of english which made it all a lot more fun. Generally a lot more people spoke english in Cartagena so it was easier to communicate.

So all in all a great trip a little more hassle finding boys than in thailand but great sex with very passionate lovers even when you are paying 

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