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Marijuana to be legalised

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Just reading the latest news on Thailand legalising marijuana this week.

I think it's great that times are changing all over the World .

I'm not into drugs taking of any sort but it's no use fighting a war over a drug that doesn't seem to make people violent.( Unlike alcohol)

I hope the rest of the world including Australia follows suit.



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On 6/9/2022 at 7:05 AM, Olddaddy said:

( Unlike alcohol)

Absolutely, a cop in the small Canadian city where I live told me it could get by with two police officers (instead of 30)  if it wasn't for alcohol. This is the case in many smaller communities in Canada where almost all of the police activity is related to alcohol. The question now is whether legal pot will replace alcohol over time and will crime and police calls go down.

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