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Pattaya exPat clubs - PEC, PCEC, ATEC

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Yesterday, I attended my first exPat club meeting at the PCEC meeting place, which is held at the Holiday Inn Pattaya's Bay Tower - 4th floor conference rooms.

I liked what I saw and decided to become a member. They even bought my breakfast because I was a newbie.

My question to all of you is that some of the PCEC members mentioned to me that there are more than one ex-Pat group in Pattaya.
Using the Google search function - I only see 3, as follows:

PCEC - Pattaya City Expats Club -   Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) web page   
--> seems to have an American USA focus

PEC - Pattaya Expats Club - Pattaya Expats Club (PEC) web page  
--> seems to have a British focus

ATEC - Association of Thailand Expats Clubs - I could not find any related web page or facebook group
--> seems to be an association where all of the various exPat groups throughout Thailand network

So, my questions to all of you are:

1.) Which exPat group here in Pattaya would you recommend - and why?
2.) Are they worthwhile for networking and knowledge sharing ? even for us gays ?



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