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Music, anyone?!

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Maybe I have missed something, but I don’t recall seeing any threads about music (with the exception of the sound levels in the go go bars).

As much as I value and enjoy musical arts, it seems to me that the older I get, less knowledgeable I am on the news and trends of this industry. Furthermore, I used to listen mainly to European and American music. This day and age I’m able to discover and savor music from all over the World.

Today I would like to present you with a single from Japanese artist Ayumu Imazu, Sunshower:


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When I saw it first I thought it was going to be an old folk song with ancient Japanese instruments, but it turned out to be a very pleasant Japanese pop-song.

Nice looking singer too...

I always hear Japanese pop-music as sounding so much more similar to Western than South-east Asian pop music (if you played me the above without the video and said it was the Moldovan entry to last year's Eurovision song contest, I would have believed you, lol).

I think it is because of the tonal aspect to Thai and Chinese that their pop-songs sound a bit "weird" to my ears, where as the above is far less so.



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I love lots of Asian bands. Lots of Thai indie/rock bands and Korean indie groups especially.

These guys are amazing but they are sort of on hiatus right now


One of the members called Ha Hyunsang is my favorite. His solo music is also really great.


I recently saw The Rose here in Washington


These Thai guys are quite popular these days

and so are these guys


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Anyone of you interested in the music nowadays 

I grew up as a teenager in the 80's but some of the music I'm tired with ,having said that most of the music nowadays is not much better but I love Tones & I , Amy Shark ,1975


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Thanks, @fedssocr - my knowledge of Asian music is rather limited. After I was introduced to BL series, I found myself more and more enjoying Asian music featured in these shows. The single from the original post is from Japanese BL Eternal Yesterday.

There are some songs that I clearly prefer the chorus parts, such as Ominotake’s single from Cherry Magic:

or that of Dunk Phunkorn from FahLanRuk:


Quite a few Thai BL actors are also musicians. Here’s Jeff Satur (most recently, Kim from KinnPorsche) and his song from 2019 BL He She It:


I’m glad that BL - my guilty pleasure - is widening my horizons in more ways than one.

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