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Agadir Vacation

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Hi guys, I have asked this before with very little response but will try my luck again 😀

I go to Agadir next week for one week vacation, any tips for me? Seems to be mainly advice on Marrakesh I’ve seen.  

any help would be appreciated. 

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Hopefully, we will get a bit of a report from Gaz69.
It seems to be an area where there is not a lot of information on gay "pay for play" activities.
This, despite the fact that the current "Moon Guide" to Morocco sees fit to warn its readers that "singles should be wary, as the club scene in Agadir is fertile ground for prostitutes, both female and male" 
It seems that the guy who writes the Moon guide knows all about it…. but nobody who posts on the various gay sex tourist boards does.
I suppose that it’s not unusual for a mass-market guidebook to post a warning about prostitutes in nightclubs in various cities, but I was taken with the fact  that the guidebook writer took the trouble to specify male prostitutes - makes it sound like Agadir might be quite the place to visit!
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