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Out in the world

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The book was published more than 30 years ago. One Amazon review has this to say:

At this point, OUT IN THE WORLD is anachronistic, but this is a blessing: the gay and lesbian movement progresses globally, and the conditions - which in some cases are quite dire - Miller relates here have changed somewhat. Published at the dawn of the internet, the change has been dramatic in at least a few instances.

OUT IN THE WORLD is still very valuable as a reminder of history, and of the struggles vast numbers of great people had to make to live with some dignity and security. In an era in which certain numbers of gay and lesbian individuals might be tempted to take certain hard-fought goals for granted, this is a vivid antidote to complacency.

For a more up-to-the-minute investigation of the state of the gay and lesbian world, take a look at the 2003 documentary DANGEROUS LIVING: Coming Out In The Developing World, which revisits much of the same territory investigated by Miller.

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