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Where would you rent or buy in Pattaya ?

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Hellos friends,

where would you suggest renting or buying in Pattaya ?

im thinking near the beach, and close to the boy bars. Suggestions please of condos to look at ?

thank you 

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Don't rush to buy many did this mistake and regretted.  First rent and see how it's like and the rent is relatively cheap.  I  would start looking at the many condominiums in Jomtien area you have the beaches and Jomtien Complex nearby and only 19 minutes drive to central Pattaya. 

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I liked the Arcadia beach Condominiums ,same Soi as the Sansuk sauna.

Studios there range from 1.2 million onwards , 24 hr security,gym,very long resort pool, 

However one must think carefully about if you can cope with living in a 21sqm room forever , it did have a separate bedroom

It may be better to rent first .

Another hidden gem even though some may consider it "low class " is the Flybird Condominium up near third road ,studios around 32sqm sell from 400,000 baht upwards ,no lift however .

Hard to weigh up the pro's & cons of renting vs buying .

Factors in such thing as age of yourself are important too 


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