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Pattaya floating market heavily damage by fire

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From Pattaya Mail


On the evening of September 7, a massive fire erupted at the Four Regions Floating Market in Pattaya, quickly engulfing the market due to its primarily wooden structures. The fire left a path of destruction in its wake, particularly affecting the waterside restaurants and shops, resulting in substantial estimated damages reaching tens of millions of baht.

Firefighting teams from Pattaya, along with more than 20 additional firefighting vehicles from neighboring districts, urgently assembled to battle the blaze. Moderate rainfall provided some relief, aiding in the firefighting efforts. After more than an hour, the fire began to subside but was not completely extinguished. Intensive efforts persisted to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading further. It took four hours to finally bring the blaze under control.

The total area of the Four Regions Floating Market encompasses approximately 19 rai (approximately 7.6 acres), with an estimated one rai (approximately 0.4 acres) affected, primarily within the zone housing restaurants and waterside shops. The exact cause of the fire remains undetermined, pending further investigation. The estimated damage is believed to be tens of millions of baht. Fortunately, there were no reported fatalities, with only one minor injury due to smoke inhalation.

Established in 2008 with an estimated budget of 100 million baht, the Four Regions Floating Market in Pattaya stands as a cultural tourism destination, providing insight into the traditional Thai riverside way of life. It features various attractions, including street food stalls, paddleboats, and cultural exhibitions representing the four regions of Thailand.


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