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Guest twboi

First Trip to Bangkok!!!

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Guest twboi

Hello fellow travelers, bangkok citizens and everybody,


In a week or so, I'll be making the holy trek to Bangkok and was hoping to indulge in some fun!


But since it's my first time, I hope all of you can take some time to give me tidbits.


I was looking into getting massages, visiting gogobars and maybe even outcalls.

For massages, does it always end with "happy" endings? Or do you have to communicate that before the session? Also, is it better to make reservations or just choose from the selection once there? Can you also take your massuers back to your hotel?


Do all gogobars offer you the chance to mingle with the dancers? If you like one, can you take one home to your hotel? What would be a good price? How does this work? I'm pretty confused!


If I dont want to go out, and just have fun sent to my hotel? Where can i find them? Or do I call or contact the approriate companies or massage palors ? Which one offers outcall service and based on your experience, which one is more perfered?


Hope you guys can take time to reply, as I am very excited in finally visiting the great city of Bangkok!


Best Wishes,


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Twboi, I hope you have a great time! I had my first trip to bangkok in March, for a nine days, and it was one of the best trips I've ever had. Lovely weather, beautiful city and nice people. I asked a few questions on this forum before I went, and read a lot of postings from guys here who are much more experienced than me, and found it all extremely helpful, so soak it up!


I didn't visit any saunas, just the clubs. The guys on stage who are available wear badges with numbers and are rotated . At various points throughout the night, you will be approached by guys in suits who will ask you if you are interested in any of them. In many cases, they didn't come over to me, I think because of my age, they thought I probably wasn't interested. But even if they don't approach you, you can just ask one of the guys who works there and they will help you. you just give them a number and they will introduce you. If you leave with them, you pay a fee to the club to take them out to your hotel. The hotels are also very accomodating and nice about bringing people back. They may ask the guest to leave their ID at the desk. And I probably tipped them way too much because I am a newbie, but it was worth it.


You'll have a great time!

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You have asked many good questions. You will receive different opinions/answers.


Happy endings? Depends on both you and the masseur and where you go. You can get a real massage only or you can go where more services are expected. It is always useful to state your expectations.


Reservations? I recommend just going and see (up close) what types of guys are being offered. Personally, I don't like picking guys out of a book.  Although I will look at a book to see if there is someone I may want to come back for.


Taking masseurs back to hotel? Depends on the place, location of your hotel, the time of day, and the masseur. Expect to pay more.  I have done the outcall route after personally selecting the guy and enjoy it more as I find it more physically comfortable.


Mingle with the dancers? Depends what you mean. Do they want you up on stage?- No. Do they want you to talk to the boy AND BUY DRINKS- YES!! Some will also let you just tip the boy for his time, especially if you also tip the mammasan. WIth a direct tip, the boy gets more money than his 50 baht or whatever from the drink cost.


Can you take one to your hotel? Yes, that is the whole purpose of the setup in most places. You come in,( preferably clean and presentable), SMILE, look the guys over, buy drinks, tell the mammasan what you like, act like you have done it before, invite one down that you like (either by eye contact and SMILE or mammasan- don't motion with your hands palms up or beckon), make sure the guy is what you want and will do what you want, pay the off fee as part of the total bar bill, tip decently, and take the guy back to your place, shower, (safeguard your valuables), offer him something to eat or drink,  and tip him when done.  Be courteous with everyone involved and enjoy.  Don't get angry and if something happens that you do not like or don't want to do, just smile and tell them so.


Amount? Depends on time spent and whether BKK or PTY(less). Everyone has a different opinion.  I would say for BKK short time from a bar 1-2 hours - 1500 baht would be an average or maybe slightly above (not including 400-600 off fee or whatever it is now). Pattaya might be more like 1000-1200 as average.  OK to pay a bit more for extra good service. It is a wise investment if you really like the guy as he will be more likely to come again with you. If you are happy and enjoy it, make sure to tell them so. A compliment is also appreciated. What you pay and how you act will also get around the bar quickly. 


Confused? Don't worry to much about it. It is not difficult. Just go with the flow, relax, have fun, smile, laugh, and enjoy.


I suggest that for your first visit you not order takeout or outcall services.  Going to the bars and interacting with the staff and guys is a BIG part of what can be fun and this method is more likely to make sure you are satisfied. It is much more interesting IMO. It also gives you the ability to develop relationships and be personable so they know you a bit, know what you like, and to know how generous you are.  In my opinion, making them more comfortable with you and you with them, will lead to a better experience for all.  It also gives you the ability to get phone numbers of those you really like. Talking with the mammasans is also a good idea, although some may be pushy or seem like a pain in the ass. My suggestion is to tell them what you want and what type you are looking for. Let them do their job. It will make them happy AND they may actually be able to help you. Tip them a small amount if they help you, 100-200 baht.  There might be a day when you want a particular boy but don't want to go in the bar and you may be able to have the mammasan arrange things.


Overall, treat others as you would want to be treated if you were in their shoes.


Most importantly, tell us all the details of your trip and your reaction and experiences. We can all learn something.

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Please realise that when going to Soi Twilight the average drink is now about 400 baht. Since you need two drinks (one for you and one for the boy) it becomes 800 baht. Off fee 500, so we have already 1300. Then boy 1500, which makes it 2800. Excluding any tips. So say 3000 baht if we include tips, thats what you need to spend for each go go boy you take to your hotel.


If I were you I would use Grindr/Gayromeo/Hornet and only go to a go go bar once every 3, 4 days. It saves a lot of money and the boys on Gayromeo are also very hot. And you can easily get one for 1000 baht that way. Saves 2000!!


That is my advice after a few trips.

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