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CP to cram 777 fleet

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If you fly Cathay Pacific's 777 fleet in economy prepare to feel the squeeze as the carrier trims costs.


From South China Morning Post




Cathay Pacific Airways plans to cram 10 per cent more passengers into economy class, adding one more seat to the existing nine per row, as Hong Kong’s flagship carrier tries to reverse its loss-making operation.


The airline, which lost HK$575 million last year, will embark on a three-year overhaul of economy class, adding extra seats on Boeing 777-300 planes from the middle of next year.


Leg room will remain at 32 inches, but passengers with bigger frames will want to note that the width of each seat will shrink by 1.3 inches to 17.2 inches.





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Cathay certainly seem to be in  bundle of trouble. Low cost carriers are killing a lot of their premium business to key markets but I suppose theres not much they can do bout reducing their first and biz class offerings. 10 across coach seating has indeed been in some airlines for a few years. Personally Id prefer 10 across with 32 in of leg room to 9 across and just 30 in of leg room as some carriers have announced.

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All the Boeing 777's that I've ever been on have had 3,4,3 configuration, not a problem for me and I am 87.5 kilos


I weight is 65 kilos yet I have problems in United 787s, which in this crummy airline have seats 17.3 inches wide.

My problem is not a belly but wide shoulders.  (a nice manly frame I inherited from my father   :) )

But not a problem for long. I am dumping United in favor of EVA, and their 777s have economy seats 18.3 inches wide.

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