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Anyone on South Africa?

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Has anybody ever hired any of the NSA5 boys?

The website is a bit hard to figure out, the seems to be providing straight guys for photo shoots, but they have a complicated systems of symbols that make it pretty clear that more is on offer ...

Have a look at the website - plenty of eye candy at least.



They also have a Youtube channel - very coy 


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I've always thought that particular site was a scam - I've never known any of those guys to advertise elsewhere, and that raises 'red flags' with me.

I spend a significant amount of time in Cape Town each year. Cape Town is a tremendous place to visit, and the landscape of beaches, vineyards and mountains is spectacularly beautiful. And yes, safe sex is very important - make sure you take the condoms and lube you need with you.
Assuming you are asking about commercial fun in the city, there is VERY little organised now. Years ago, there were male brothels and saunas. Now there are guys advertising in the local paper's classified section, and guys online (manhunt, gaydar etc). There are still gay bars and guys are friendly; some may be commercially-minded; some younger men, especially university students look for a mature man as mentor and/or sugar-daddy. And lots of gay men use the big gyms (Virgin Active) to meet others.


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I stayed in Cape Town in an cozy AirBNB in Green Point, visited an language school and did touristy stuff. Nice areas to stay are around table mountain and along the coast. A rental car is recommended to get around. Beautiful landscape, a lot to do and wonderful restaurants make the area a prime vacation spot. Especially with the current exchange rate.

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3 times i got a message and more... .

I visited the guys in their places. Mixed results but overall quite relaxing. You have to check the usual different sites, prices vary.

Some asked for european prices but you have to figure out.

I hope this short discription was helpfull.

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Thank you for reporting about your experiences in CT.

I have been in CPT 3 times during the last 4 years and my experience is also that you will get approached by rent boys online/in the apps (Grindr). I was quoted varying rates from 600 to 1500, even 2000 Rd for the "full package" (no massage+): I am btm so looking well hung top. What was the rate you paid?

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