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And Just like that.... Sex and the City Returns

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It has been getting pretty bad reviews but I have really enjoyed Sex in the City's return. Picking up where the girls left off many years later and seeing how they are in their 50's has been fun.

Admittedly, when the original was on, I was living in NYC and Sunday night at my Times Square apartment was filled with sexy guys who all came over for a sex in the city party. I would usually cook pasta or some southern delight and we would eat, drink and watch Sex in the City together. That tiny living room was small but easily fix 15 or 20 of the sexiest lads I had ever seen. @marcanthonycan attest to the small size and the hot lads. So, I am not so sure that my enjoyment of the new series is so much the content as it is the memories.

Another memory is taking a Sex in the City tour bus in NYC to see all the places it filmed and talked about.  I even took my mother on that tour as she loved the show and loved the tour. They played scenes from the show on the bus.

Anyway, enough of a walk down memory lane. If you haven't been watching the new show, give it a try. It is good to see so many fun characters and where they ended up.


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The original series was great. I remember having a nice dinner with a really lovely young Thai guy one evening when he suddenly surprised me by saying, "I'm very sorry I have to go. Tuesday is sex night!" And with that he disappeared. I was not just disappointed, I was pissed off. I had visions of his ditching me for some regular fuck buddy! It was only the next morning someone told me that Sex and the City was aired here on Tuesday nights!

By the time of the second movie, I reckon I had had enough. It was a lousy movie, lousy script and not very well acted.

It seems thatMr. Big is now well and truly caught up in the me too movement with many wandering fingers!

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What the critics are saying is that the show is too "woke".  I thought the GBLTQ+ themes were relevant, modern, and fascinating. People change over time and we can't control  who we love or who we fall in love with. I especially liked the last episode of the season and thought it ended quite beautifully. As always great fashion and great conversations and good friends do hold to the test of times.

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