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Rio during Carnival 2022

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Was in Rio last week....great trip as always

Amazing weather..I got in early Monday morning and left out on Friday...

The beaches were packed and amazing on all of the days especially Monday and Tuesday....

Tons of gays in town for Carnival....great eye candy!

Monday at Pointe was just so so...there was something going on at 117 so I think the crowd may have been there OR just out in the streets celebrating

Tuesday at 117 was super packed...tons of new eye candy, tons of clients talking, drinking, hanging out...def met some new eye candy

Decided to check out Pointe on Wednesday and it was decent....crowded...festive...didnt find anything of interest that day but made up for it on Thursday

Back to 117 for my last full day in Rio....great decision...met a new guy, new to the scene, had a great time and exchanged Whatsapp info...

Overall the trip was a success...plenty of sun, sand, sex....relaxation....I did some work while I was there as well

Also learned that in a pinch, instead of getting Covid tested at the site at the airport, the little pharmacy will test you for less money and you get your results back immediately!

Oh, Latam airlines has really good food!

Would love to travel to Rio and Salvador again before winter there/summer here but may not happen....

Definitely planning to go back in September/October

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23 hours ago, babybear2 said:

May I ask which little pharmacy? Will the results be in English? 

First floor in the airport....all the way at the end of the airport, terminal 2 near the ATM machines

The results are what you need to get on the flights back to whatever country you live in

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