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Fake club the next gen

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Maybe, likely not all.

Expect deafening music and an utmost commercial style to press as much money out of you-for entry, drinks, etc. Anyone >30 will look very much out of place. There is/was a kind of accepted Thai way, mostly via other staff, to let a dancing guy know you like him-you buy flower garlands @ inflated prices as present. He might already be ´occupied´ by another person, be it elder man or lady, likely Thai, perhaps Chinese. In that case-forget it. You will not hear that beforehand though. Also do not expect much /en/glish to be spoken, or even to be able to communicate due to loud music.

Again, if you are not familiair with how things run in TH in the Thai way, then restrict yourself to the familiair welcoming places, with some looking around there will also be same type of guys.

Or you may be lucky with guys advertsiing themselves on the known hook-up sites.

 (BTW-FAKE is near the corner of Ram IX and Ratchda, near a Airportlink stop and behind a fairly still new shopping centre) I am unsure as to if these places are open due to covid restrictions now

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I see that Fake Club are celebrating the World Cup by putting their guys in the various country strips.

Video here (you have to be logged in to FB to see it) : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1482269022353736


I know we should a be boycotting the World Cup and all, but they look cute all the same...

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