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Guest MonkeySee

Some very nice pictures, but probably not the boys you will meet on the streets of Yangon. I think most, if not all of those pics were Myanmar male models, Myanmar actors and celebrities. Not the type you will see at the DJ Lounge.

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Not the type you will see at the DJ Lounge.

Why not? Models and celebrities like to go out too. I would guess most of those models were paid, probably peanuts, to do those photo shoots, and were probably damned glad to get it. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find many of them willing and delighted if a foreigner with money in his pockets comes along and shows an interest in them.


Only yesterday afternoon a close farang friend of mine and his Thai boyfriend were over at my house. While we were standing outside, a car pulled up to the house two doors down. The Thai boy's jaw dropped and he got all excited when he saw who got out of the car. It was some Thai "superstar," who I've never heard of, but apparently is quite famous in Thailand. He and his girlfriend (or maybe she's his wife) have lived in that house for about four years now. They are very nice, quiet people. Until yesterday, I had no idea that he is so well known in Thailand. It just goes to show that these types of people don't necessarily live in an Asian version of Beverly Hills and keep themselves hidden from public view.

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Guest xiandarkthorne

I agree with you, Shebavon. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were a lot of illegal Myanmarese oddjob workers in Penang and I'd choose most of them over the guys shown on the website so far. I remember the ones I used to see (at building sites and those places where they gathered after work) were hunky and had sweet happy, boyishly goodlooking faces. Many of them were very friendly, too. Share a bottle or two of beer, a couple of snacks and they were your friends.

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During the past 20 years a new middle class has grown in Myanmar and two generations have matured during this time. Many of the members of this class go to school in Thailand or Singapore. Well educated, into business and education, they are the primary group that the NGO are working with in the country.


For the past ten years most gay men in Yangon met at night clubs attached to upper class hotels. These clubs are very mixed and accepted by everyone there. Many of these type of men on the web site show up at these clubs and are very friendly and open.


This system is slowly changing. More and more clubs are opening up that are very mixed or gay and many of the lower middle class students now also have an outlet for their desires! The interent has provided methods of contact and the boys in Yangon are using it! A check of Romeo or DAR or a number of other sites will confirm this.

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