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Ladyboys allegedly drugged and robbbed Bangkok tourist

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From The Thaiger

Two suspects allegedly drugged a Kuwaiti tourist before stealing about 200,000 baht from him, around US$5,700, in Bangkok in March, although they were only arrested yesterday. The victim said the suspects took him to a hotel on Bangkok’s famous Sukhumvit road to have sex. He said he was then drugged, and became unconscious. When he woke up, he saw that his money had been stolen.

After collecting evidence, Lumpini police eventually arrested the two subjects, 28 year old Chadaporn Aomsin, and 26 year old Sipan Thienkrachang. Both are transgender women. The police arrested Chadaporn in Bangkok, and Sipan in Nonthaburi. Police say that Chadaporn confessed to the allegation when she was interrogated at Lumpini police station, and say she had committed similar crimes 3 times before with British and Chinese tourists after she was released from Thonburi Remand Prison.

Both suspects are now detained at Lumpini Police Station awaiting further legal proceedings. The hotel where they took the tourist is reportedly on Sukhumvit Soi 5, in the Lumpini district.

Last month, a tourist in Pattaya claimed last week that two thieves stole his gold necklace worth about 33,000 baht. The tourist said the thieves were a Thai woman, and a ‘transgender individual’, who both wore ‘sexy dresses’. The tourist, 45 year old Sathishkumar Govindarju, told The Pattaya News the pair also tried to convince him to sleep with them. Sathishkumar said he noticed later, after he had rejected the alleged thieves’ approach, that his pricey necklace was missing.

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I know a bar boy who apparently had his passport and wallet stolen on the baht bus by a ladyboy in Pattaya.     His odds were probably not helped by putting them in some stylish but not very functional open topped shoulder bag.   

I believe the risk of theft in Thailand is very low, but I still prefer zip up pockets or jeans with deep and close fitting pockets.    Absolutely no jewellery or fancy watches, other than, of course, the good old Casio.


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I use money belt in my undergarments when travel and when about the city I have money spread in between multipocketed shirt and shorts. Each pocket has assigned fixed amount when I'm leaving room so it's easy to control expenses and be alerted if something would be missing.

So far only 500 in 21 trips  , either lifted in the crowded BTS or more likely , I dropped it when buying the BTS ticket

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