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This SHYT has gotten bananas. The mem, Dominican Republic, twitter, my husband and only fans.

We just got back from the DR a few Days ago. This time we decided to stay from Thursday to Sunday instead of Friday to Sunday.

Doing so made a major difference in how we were able to relax and fuck without feeling like we needed to rush and squeeze and many guys in (pun intended) as we could.

We also made it a point to not let all the guys know we were coming this time. Ww only told the few guys we wanted to hook up and video with. 

That didn't make a difference because the guys that we told apparently told their buddies that we were there because the ones we didn't tell were blowing our phone up as well. 

When we arrived we chilled because we knew that we had 3 more days to play.  My hubby called one guy over for him. I watched them played and jerked off then I called a guy over for me and got pounded.

Now my Twitter pages have gotten out of control. Completely unmanageable.  It really gets overwhelming at times because I receive hundreds of messages a day. HUNDREDS OF MESSAGES!

the most recent message I received is from a well known muscular daddy porn star who wants to meet up in Santo Domingo and do a video with some of my guys. 

I didn't know who the guy was but my husband did and then I scoped out his Twitter page. 

I told him that it would only be him, king dong,y husband and myself.  He agreed and we are supposed to meet In November for this collaboration.  

As we spoke more, he wanted to know if he could bring another one of his porn buddies and when he told me who the guy was I was In total disbelief because this guy is well known in the industry and I've loved his work for years.

My Twitter pages are expanding are a pace that I can't even keep up with all 3 of them.  Blacksuperman2 was the first one I started then this Dominican Tranny pimp liked the page and told to clear another. 

I've never met her but she always sends me guys who she thinks are my type. So she suggested I create another one and I created HungDRHombres. 

With the popularity of both pages, I have Dominican tops and bottoms sending me emails all the time to star in the videos.  They don't want pay, they just want the big dick guys in the video and have their sexy asses shown all over the world on my pages. 

This is what it has come to. My videos are now world wide and the messages I get from across the 🌎 is unbelievable.  I don't have time to talk to all these people but my husband does and loves it. We even have sexy men from Columbia and Brazil telling us how hot the videos are.

Before we left for this last trip,  manny asked was it ok for him to give a guy with a big dick my number. I told him yes. When the guy hit me up I told him I wasn't interested. This guy looks 14 years old. I told him to never contact me again and told manny that the guy was underage.

Manny told me no he isn't he just looks young. I still told him no. The phone rings again and it's the guy with his identification showing me that he was 19 years old. He's a 19 year old with a BIG GROWN MANS DICK. his dick is huge and he knows how to bury his bone deep. 

Remember I told you how unmanageable my Twitter pages have become? There were several bottoms I reached out to who wanted to come over this past weekend for some of the big dick guys I had lined up. 

Well I hit up the wrong to come over to the apartment.  I told my husband that he looked different in person, but he would have to do because the top was there.

He was a sexy bottom but not the one I remembered talking to. Anyway he did what was expected and took those massive dicks. 

It wasn't until I got home when I realized I had called the wrong bottom to come over. The one I wanted hit me up Sunday and asked why I hadn't called him. I explained the situation to him and he understood.  

The bottom who was showing up to film told me about a big dick DOMINICAN HAITIAN MIXED GUY. 

I couldn't belive the size of this guy's dick when he arrived to the apartment.  His is actually the biggest Dominican Dick I have seen to dare. I was in total disbelief when this guy pulled his pants down and got his dick erect.

It was like a baseball ball. If you follow me on Twitter, you will see what I'm talking about when I post his poc next week. 

Another crazy thing that happened is a fan from  my BlakSuperMan2 Twitter page was selling his Twitter page with 172k followers. 

He said he had fallen on hard times and really needed the money.  He explained that I could make money from the page by allowing ppl to retweet on that page for a price. I bought his page and did exactly as he suggested.

Recording, editing and posting videos is very time consuming, but I love the finished work and get lots of compliments on the onlyfans page. 

Hope I didn't bore you too much.  Attached is the email sent from the porn star. I can't post his name because I don't want anyone to contact this stuf and fukc this up before we do our collaboration. 

Stay safe guys.



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my suggestion would be setup your own studio & monetize beyond OnlyFan & Twitter - like TimTales.

Most of the guys on TT do OF too because they feed from each other - one does not exclude the other.  And lots of customers don’t want the hassle of navigating through 90% of scammers on OnlyFans.  They just want to pay a flat monthly fee and get 2 decent videos per week.

You get a real business with all the write-offs that include travel//lodging, production expenses, marketing, etc.  

BlackSuperman is a perfect name too - for for it 💰💰💰💰💰

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Tim Tales? Wow! I wasn't thinking it would even grow that big, but I guess anything is possible. 

I never believed the twitter pages would grow as exponentially as they have.

Actually,  I never even considered joining twitter until a member here made the  suggestion.

Again, I do all the editing and posting, but my husband is NOW THRILLED by all the notoriety the pages are garnering.

He's even helping with the recording and setting up the sceneS. I appreciate your advice. I'm still in disbelief by all the attention and ppl Actually paying to be on my onlyfans page.

I stopped posting there a month ago because it was beginning t0 be too much. 

thanks for your suggestions and kind words. The world needs more POSITIVE/ENCOURAGING PPL LIKE YOU.

Thanks a million.

Stay safe and be well.

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Gotta be smart about the legality and documentation requirements that go along with it, from the start.....I remember years ago listening to TotallyOz telling what it takes to stay in the correct lane of justice or even a step ahead because every country has their own laws/rules.....I got dizzy.

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Thanks for the information.  I'm not looking to get thst deep into the industry like Tim Tales. 

Only fans requires signed documentation from each model and you receive a w-2 at the end of the year because of the money you make. 

I will start a just for fans over the weekend and they've explained that the model release forms from only fans would suffice.

We will see what the next few months bring. I never thought the twitter pages would become so popular with my half ass attempts to keep them updated.

I've gotten better at that now so the pages are getting more notoriety weekly. 

Thabks again for your input. I hope you are safe and well.

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