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39 minutes ago, BlkSuperman said:

What more could a nasty slut ask for? 

this is making me crazy for a trip to Santo Domingo ♥️ 

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44 minutes ago, BlkSuperman said:

However, I do respect the opinions of others here.. it doesn't mean I'm going to take everything into account when making changes

the only things that matter are your vision & the numbers. Numbers, meaning the growth, profits/write-offs, expenses as you engage in epic whore-mongering that satisfies the animal in us.  If I could only expense my trips to Brazil 

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On 9/15/2022 at 9:46 AM, Riobard said:

  It was always the fuck you’re facin’, not the face you’re fuckin’. 

I kinda like this phrasing.🤣🤣🤣

There are guys I love fucking. But cant stand them. Sometimes, I pillow their faces.  Especially, this guy that's less than 2 miles from my home.  But thats amother subject.

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On 9/15/2022 at 11:22 AM, BlkSuperman said:

I kinda figured I'm doing something right because the following grows exponentially daily. Will be at 75K by next friday.

However, I do respect the opinions of others here.. it doesn't mean I'm going to take everything into account when making changes.

Plus my gallery of these sexy ass men keeps getting BIGGER AND BIGGER! these sexy dudes have brothers,  cousins uncles friends and  fathers who are reaching out to me. 

What more could a nasty slut ask for?  The crazy part about it all is if you look at my page from a few months ago you will see that I used to inform my followers when I will be in Santo Domingo.  

I don't anymore because the minute the plane lands my phone is going crazy. NOW I just get their number and pics. Put them in my gallery marked DOMINICAN HOMBRES and choose the dik I want to suck and play with.

I have a CALLING CARD on every post I make on my superman account. Those guys are very smart. They hear the call and the response is overwhelming. 


Why Twitter suspend your account?

Why do they suspend accounts? There are a couple of African channels suspended too.

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There was a message that stated my content wasn't appropriate for the site. After telling my husband what happened he replied I LOVE YOU BUT IM GLAD THEY SHUT YOU DOWN.  he said it consumed to much of my time and energy.  He explained that he wasn't excited about going there anymore because the purpose for us going was to be on vacation together and because we were filming all the time, it seemed more like work.

We even went to see woman King last night and he referenced that I was so engrossed on my Twitter page that I missed half the movie and I've been disengaged In a lot of things that we usually partake in as a couple..

I shocked but knew he was telling me the truth. I have about 10 more videos to upload to my onlyfans account and will do so in the next 10 weeks then we will see if he changes his mind. 

I need him to help me record but he's absolutely right. Whats the point in going on vacation if we're going to have to work the entire time we are there.

I actually found a military police officer there a few months ago and he sends me numbers of some of the series men over there. Just this morning,  he sent me 5 numbers and he often does so and I don't even ask him to.

One good thing has definitely come out of all this and that is my DOMINICAN BLACK BOOK gets BIGGER AND BIGGER each week. 

I admire anyone who produces porn for a living because it may look easy, but with the recording,  editing then posting, it requires a lot of spare time and around the clock attention. 

I'm blessed to have made friend with the military cop and a transsexual on Twitter. They have been instrumental in finding me the hottest guys over in the DR. 

When we record, we record at least 3 videos a day and that requires hours of preparation and work. 

We will see what happens.  Below are the messages I received from the military cop this morning. I can't wait to try the new guy out. His piece looks amazing.InShot_20220921_224256816.thumb.jpg.b44f2e8c6145770d1d20b344026bcd49.jpg


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Thanks.  That's a great idea but the fact that my husband was doing this while all the while hating every second of it spoke volumes to me. 

He supported me through it all even though he was miserable while doing so. When he told me that I told him that I had fallen more in love with him because he held it in and never told me how he felt because he wanted to support me with this hobby. 

I still have my tripod so I will more than likely still record some video. Especially with the new hot guys that the military police officer has sent to me. 

My husband was right though. We leave Florida to vacation there but the last 3 times we've been, it seemed more like work and no fun for us cause we were exhausted after filming. 

I'm definitely going to record the big dick Dominican top who the police officer sent to me yesterday. He says that guys dick pumps huge loads of cum and judging from the size of his dick, Im ready to get sprayed. 

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2 hours ago, BlkSuperman said:

We leave Florida to vacation there but the last 3 times we've been, it seemed more like work and no fun for us cause we were exhausted after filming

this is the issue that many content creators/producers run into - how to separate personal vs professional.  I always reference TimTales bc they do such a good job and it was originally started by Tim Kruger and his partner, Grobes.  Their situation was different in that they typically film in their home base of Barcelona and the talent comes to them - so, they aren’t under tight deadlines while traveling.  Their business model is based on posting 2 video per week & the videos are usually between 15-25 minutes in length with an average of 20 minutes.  They do travel & film sometimes (they did an extended Brazil trip a few months ago), but that’s not how they usually work. 

Traveling to DR and trying to film under tight deadlines while there for a few days would definitely be stressful & not fun if the idea is to also be on vacation. That’s the challenge - how to make it work and maintain your relationship at the same time. 

There is probably some middle ground you haven’t found yet - employing local people in DR to take on some of the work like videographer and editing/production. While you still control talent, filming schedules, distribution & monetization of the final product.  That said, maybe just not worth the headaches if the money doesn’t justify the time & effort.  Might be a different calculation though if you can offload the time-consuming & tedious work. 

It does seem like you have a niche product that has an customer base willing to pay.  I can’t tell from your post which platform shut you down - but all of them do this to creators frequently which is another reason for creators to have their own platforms that they control.  

Either way you go - you acted on an idea and learned some things along the way.  That’s a win

If your husband absolutely hates it - that’s your answer.  Btw - Twitter accounts w followings are sold for decent money :)

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