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Nairobi Kenia

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You don’t say if you’ve visited other parts of Africa before @pieter, so some of this post may seem elementary. What I know is from a planned trip for myself, but also local info from a friend who has lived there for some years.

Nairobi is a big city with very large slums that are now close into the city. Street crime is rife and carjacking happens often. You should be prudent and stay alert at all times on the street. If you are concerned, get your hotel to send a car to pick you up.

The countryside is regarded as generally safe but there have been armed incursions affecting tourists in Laikipia (a beautiful area) and on the beaches towards the northern border. 

Also, have you had the yellow fever vaccination? That is essential. 

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I was last week in Nairobi and now near Mombasa. Nairobi is in African standards clean and reasonably safe (not so much after dark though). International hotels allow visitors (they like money and are in a hospitality business). Grindr is exploding, but expect many tricksters and conmen. Pictured are often not the reality. Many guys are probably sincere but they look a bit rough and hotel security will be surprised when you enter hotel (xray or just sitting guy checking). I did not have courage to try out. In beach resort found a massage guy with own booth and he did extra, was ok. I guess experienced gay expats can have good time. Main thing to consider that most guys have smaller or severe income issues. And Africa is anyhow intense for European, so keep your head cool😀.

ps while gaysex is illegal, the extreme worse case is an extortion. White guys are still somehow respected (colonial past pluss money), so the extertion is mostly problem for locals (“we tell your relatives”). Racism is sometimed an issue between locals (kenyans-somalis-hindus), not so much for visitors.

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I eventually had a date in my lodge. The care taker was a bit surprised. The Guy (24) was sweet and sexy, he travelled by matatu ca 30km to meet me. Electricity was off, so the aircon. It was humid and 30 Celsius. The staff was walking around to fix the grid. I did not give up though 😁, was worth. I had my "Security clearance" whatsup call with him before and decided its safe. I meet also 2 young guys for a beer, however they we're looking for western bf, and generally were a bit boring and not my types. Heard lots of local gossip and a story how one westerner was drugged and his money and all the things found a new owner.

Kenyans are proud and educated people. Universities are across the country, so many guys around even in provincial capitals (and a traveling gay daddy is great option for them and for some fulfillment of their fetish). I think in less touristic places are less tricksters. But then a westerner would stood out in its Expedition. 

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