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It is not a sex video website.


You need to use a VPN . You can only enter from Japan.



Orgy shop D&S! The bastard's erotic desire we seek will never run out! Would you like to enjoy the joy of a man who can develop lifelong together? The target is men in their 20s to 70s (*mainly in their 30s to 60s) who are erotic, lively and pleasant! What a bastard wants to do no matter how old he is! Any body type, youthful 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s where men fall in love with men. Concept & Erotic Keywords / Father / Son / Pervert / Incest / Showa / Guy / Youth / Junior / Senior / Uniform / Labor / Short Hair / Beard / Body / Mara / Ass / Nipple / Moat / Sunburn / Rokushaku / Buttocks・Rugpan ・Senior ・Naked festival ・Taiko drum ・Mikoshi ・Outdoor ・Park ・Shinkiba ・Tattoo ・Pierce etc. ↑If these words make sense to you, don't hesitate! Please visit us immediately. ◎ Aggressive ass acts are welcome regardless of Tachiuke! Fully equipped with lockers, showers and sanitary items!


3 lines available, all close to the station Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Get off at Ueno Hirokoji Station, 2 minutes from Exit A3 Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Get off at Yushima Station, 3 minutes from Exit 2 JR Keihin Tohoku Line/Yamanote Line Get off at Okachimachi Station, 5 minutes from North Exit Get off at Toei Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station, 2 minutes from Exit A3 Enter the corner of Kasuga-dori. 30 meters ahead, on the right hand side (marked by a vertical signboard with a circle character), it is the 3rd floor of the Kamimura Building. (Directly across from Hidezushi) *The (circle) signboard belongs to the previous tenant, but it is still there. The second floor is the GLORY HOLE BAR, which is famous as an erotic drinking bar. Here is the map ↓




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