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Any Recon on Campinas?

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Over 60 miles (nearly 100km) north of Sao Paulo is Campinas (population 1,200,000). The Campinas Metropolitan Area has 2,600,000. 

Campinas is the main hub for Azul so it is quite convenient for nonstop domestic flights.

The only forum reference I can find to the GP scene in Campinas was back in 2014!

On 12/30/2014 at 2:01 PM, ihpguy said:

... Marcos is from Campinas and told me that the sauna Germania has rentboys. I was a bit surprised in that no one on this board had mentioned this. Campinas had a couple of great neighborhoods and is much more manageable sizewise than Sao Paulo.  [emphasis added]

Alas, I cannot find any evidence that Thermas Germânia is still open.  I do see references to two current saunas in Campinas:  Très Chic and Thermas Atlantida.  But I do not see any clues as to whether they have GPs.

Lately, we've had some posts about new GP saunas on the periphery of Rio. So to those of us who like to explore "undiscovered" GP corners of Brazil, I thought I'd solicit any intel you can share about Campinas.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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I haven't been there, so I don't know the answer to your question.  However, I did spend a few minutes on Google Search and find multiple references to a gay Thermas Jardins, Rua Germânia, 221 - Bonfim, Campinas - SP, 13070-770, Brazil.  There may have been confusion over the name because it is situated on Rua Germânia.

There's an inactive facebook page (including an e-mail contact address):  Thermas Jardins | Campinas SP | Facebook  I don't see mention of GP, however.

Edit:  When I use Google Maps street view for the address I mention above, it's a vacant lot.



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Interesting, Mavica. Thanks. I do see several older references to Thermas Germânia, such as here and here , with the latest one in 2014.  But your detective work makes sense since it seems perhaps new owners changed the name. At the Rua Germânia address, Thermas Jardins surfaced around 2016. Its last link that I can find was its Facebook page in October, 2020. That does not necessarily mean it is defunct, but the vacant lot is not encouraging! 

So potentially Campinas has

  • Très Chic*
  • Thermas Atlantida
  • but perhaps no Thermas Jardins?

*Just discovered that the Très Chic sauna in Campinas has the same owners as the upscale Très Chic sauna in Curitiba which always had about 5-8 GPs when I visited in the past. Note the dual sauna info at the bottom of this page. So that looks like good odds that Très Chic for a GP sauna, although it does not guarantee fantasy GPs of course.

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