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Si Thep historical park recognised as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site

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From Thai PBS World


Thailand’s Si Thep historical park, in the northern province of Phetchabun, has been recognised as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site at the World Heritage Committee’s 45th extended session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, today (Tuesday).

“The World Heritage Committee’s decision is a major source of pride for Thailand and its people and will serve as an incentive for people to protect and conserve their cultural heritage, as well as other natural resources in Thailand, which will help promote tourism and economic development,” Natural Resources and Environment minister Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan told a news conference at the National Museum this afternoon.

The ancient city is believed to have been built around 1,700 years ago, with cultural influences from India, as manifested in the dredging of the city’s moats and construction of the city walls, as well as the planning of the inner and outer cities.

It is located in Si Thep sub-district, Si Thep district, on an area of over 462 hectares.

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I had never heard of the place but it does sound fascinating! I read that experts and archaeologists are concerned that the place has no infrastructure to handle the number of tourists who will be trying to go there now. And that it was the most looted site in Thailand during the 70s and 80s so they are worried that this new attention and lack of planning is going to make it a target all over again as there is a large part of the city that has not been excavated.

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14 hours ago, fedssocr said:

I had never heard of the place but it does sound fascinating! 

I have 4 different guides to Thailand by different publishers , oldest from 2001, most recent from 2019 and none of them mentions the site . No winder we were in dark. On another hand pictures in google maps  are showing site is taken care of.

Probably we need to ask ChristianPFC to undertake one if his sightseeing trips there so we are informed before hordes arrive.

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From The Nation

Unesco listing sparks surge of tourists to Sri Thep


Tourists have been racing to Sri Thep since the ancient city in Phetchabun province was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site, but local residents have been caught off guard by the influx and services for visitors remain minimal.

"It's truly unfortunate that the local community couldn't catch up in time, resulting in no facilities or services to benefit from the significant influx of tourists,” Phetchabun Governor Wison Kositanont wrote on Facebook. 

Wison was one of the key figures who pushed for Sri Thep’s addition to the heritage site list. 

Visitors are flocking to Sri Thep for holidays, and it is likely that this trend will continue, he said, adding: "This is one of the reasons why Phetchabun province urgently needs to establish a community-driven tourist service centre.” 

 Si Thep is the fourth site in Thailand to be listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. The first was the Ban Chiang Archaeological Site in Udon Thani, which was added to the list in 1992. Si Thep was added to the list in the cultural category.


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