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EX Navy Dad

Thailand will be my home in late 2024

Retired in Thailand or Tourist/Native  

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  1. 1. Do you live in Thailand [retired there or local native]

    • Yes I live in Thailand
    • No I don't live in Thailand
    • I may live in Thailand one day

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1 hour ago, Marc in Calif said:

You've obviously never been on gay forums -- or, for that matter, any forum where free discussion is the norm. When someone states an idea or plan, people are going to comment on it whether you like it or not. They're not breaking any rules or guidelines. Remember: You're not in the Navy anymore, Seaman. 

You've repeatedly cursed at other members since you joined these forums. You've proven yourself to be a right arsehole (yeah, that's one of your cursewords) yourself. 🍑

I'm sure the door will slam painfully on your 🍑 when you leave here. We'll all shout simultaneously, "Good riddance!" 😘

I agree he's egoistic freak who thinks he's the centre of the universe with grumpy attitude nobody will be in contact with him at the land of smiles .

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Have been traveling for the past week and just now got around to complerly reading this thread. When it first starred I thought OP would be grateful that so many chimed in about his situation and other things. Members here always go out of their way to help with inquiries, especially from newbies. Somehow I’m inclined to think he was just looking for opportunity to go out like drama Queen.

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11 minutes ago, Marc in Calif said:

I don't think the OP @EX Navy Dad will be getting either luck or fuck!

But it's best that he fucked off in the way he did. 👋


What's that saying calling the pot kettle black ?

How does that go again?

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