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Does anyone know what has happened to Asean Now(previously Thai Visa)?

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4 hours ago, zombie said:

Almost a week now this web site not available...do you know why?

Who is behind the DOS attack on the ASEAN Now (previously known as Thai Visa) forum this week? Thailand’s largest expat forum has been inaccessible since early afternoon Thursday Thai time and as at the time of publishing this column, it has yet to come back online. In response to email, ASEAN Now explained that the outage is due to a DOS attack (denial of service). These sorts of attacks are typically the work of someone with an axe to grind – of which the forum seems to have plenty of potential candidates – or in the case of big businesses, may be a blackmail attempt.



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They are back online and posted the following:


Dear Members,

The forum has been down for approx 6 days due to a cyber attack on the datacenter in USA where we were hosting parts of the forum, which is now mitigated. We have since migrated to another datacenter.

No content or user data has been lost or compromised. We apologize for this downtime inconvenience.

We are unable to explain the tech details due to security policy, and we are unable to answer questions about it.


You may find the forum slow loading the first days, especially after you have posted. If you get a 504 error, just refresh the page and you will see your post!

This will resolve later as we are using a cache software that updates later. Also we have temporarily limited the amount of outgoing forum notifications emails temporarily.

We are aware of some issues, but feel free to send a PM to Support if needed.

Welcome back to ASEAN NOW! 

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