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YouTubers we may like

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Feel free to put your favourite YouTubers here or Gay related up to you I guess 

These ones though are "Thailand" related and I just realised there are many other Countries forum on here so they may not be a interest to others that are not into Thailand ...still I would love to see any YouTubers in other gay countries such as Africa etc if there's any 

Don't ask me to provide links ,I have no idea how to do it😀

But, I have been watching " Steve Rosse " every Friday, he is not gay but  retired to a place several hours near Phuket , Turtle Beach ,in which he spends his days making cardboard ......what else ....turtles !🐢🐢🐢

Another one is "native farang" about a Thai guy 30yo , extremely good-looking 🥰with a UK accent and his English born wife with 2 kids decided to go back to Thailand to start a farm which they got dick of and are now in Bangkok

I only watch because of the handsome Thai guy 😘


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Two I like to watch are:

The Bald and Bankrupt Channel - run by a British guy who likes to travel to unusual places. Before the current Ukraine situation, he was particularly famous for travelling in the former Soviet Union and eastern bloc countries.

The video I link to below is a fascinating recent one, where he joined immigrants making their way north from Colombia to the USA trough the notorious Darien Gap, and area of complete lawless jungle between the the North and South American continents.



Of more Thai interest is the Bangkok Pat channel. Pat is a Thai/British guy who delved in considerable detail into certain historic old Bangkok neighbourhoods.

The video I link to is where he goes around the Soi Ngam Duphli & Soi Sri Bamphen (near Lumpinee BTS station) and talks about the sleazy history of the area in the 1980's and 1990's with another Thai Youtuber, Karl. They discuss, among other things, the  old rent boy scene in the Malaysia Hotel.







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