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Sorry to see you’re not getting much response here, Bert, as it is topic I am interested in myself.

Perhaps if you’re bit more specific about your questions, it would help. Are you more interested in ordinary gay bars, or gay bars at back rooms; sauna or just escorts?

I am thinking of basing yourself and Torremolinos or somewhere else between Malaga and Marbella?


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Hi Bert, plenty of guys on the apps (Grindr being most popular) or Hunqz.

Torremolinos is the gay capital of Costa del Sol - they have gay hotels, gay bars, saunas etc. - so much that a couple of blocks are called Boyz Town. It's not really a town, just a block or two.

The standard going rate is 100 Eur - and all those guys on apps also circulate around the gay bars in Boyz Town. Before covid, there was a bit of an escort cruising scene on a pedestrian sidewalk along the sea as the sidewalk curves around a big rock - there's a gay bar and a gay beach hut there. There were some Moroccan immigrants there and other guys that didn't mind a lower fee - however I did not see that anymore in my several visits since 2020.

Malaga and other places along the coast have guys too, but escorts (and gays generally) congregate in Torremolinos mostly. Go online, then go to the bars - and there are lots of escorts in Torremolinos. I'd say 80% of them are on meth which is now by far the most popular party drug on that coast.

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Hey forrestreid and ShivRoy, thanks for the support and ideas.


I did already some reading on the internet.   Following your advice I will stay in Torremolinos as it seems to be the gay-hub of the region. I could book two nights in the Ritual Hotel (it was full!) in Nogalera area  Interesting to  know that escort cruising was (or is) also available, although Grindr might lead to some nice encounters too.  I had a quick look on Hunqz too...but still I like to do some outside cruising and see what kind of guys are my type.

I also read about some "hot" bars (darkrooms?) like Men's bar, Attack bar, Alcatraz and even a gay sauna...so plenty to discover I guess.  There seems to be a gay (naked?) beach to near the airport of Malaga.

Thanks for your reply on this subject!   


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