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Seven Sons

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Seven Suns is your resting place and starting point for all your Chiang Mai interests.


Seven Suns is a hotel / guesthouse / restaurant with western accommodation and Asian influence. Seven Suns is an enterprise of the Mekong Education and Training Company, a Thai registered company with Thai and Australian shareholders. We provide clean secure rooms configured to your needs (single / twin or double) and our restaurant serves a selection of Thai and Western menu items from early morning until late at night.


Our Mission Statement is "to provide continuous high quality services and accommodation at our guesthouse, support our staff to be their best and seek opportunities to empower those not as fortunate as ourselves to obtain a better life'.


We believe:


That we provide our guests with a clean and secure environment supported with the services of excellent and friendly staff

That the success of our business is attained through quality services to our guests

That we provide good quality, reasonably priced food produced in a clean kitchen and served in the comfort of our restaurant

That we provide comfortable accommodation to our guests in our twelve rooms

That we conduct our business in an ethical manner respecting local and international laws, regulations, customs and culture

That our profits should be shared among our owners, staff and when possible provide charitable contributions back to the community in which we live

That the values, ideas, culture and lifestyle of all people should be respected where those beliefs in turn allow individuals to respect others and do no harm.


Seven Suns is located within walking distance to the city's night life, including restaurants, the night bazaar, local markets, Thapae Gate and the Old City Moat. The popular Saturday and Sunday night walking markets are very close by. We can help you get further out - go trekking, ride the elephants, wash the elephants at the camp, take a dip white-water rafting, look for arts and crafts, see community business projects, or simply just relax and enjoy a good meal and have a beer with some new friends. Seven Suns is your Chiang Mai Oasis and home away from home.

We aim to provide an environment that caters to customers from diverse backgrounds. This means we welcome people who are open minded, curious, adventurous, or just want to relax. We welcome clients from various non Government and international organizations, from business backgrounds, from arts and music and basically anyone who wants to have a good time in Chiang Mai and learn a little while they are here.


If you want to just relax, go trekking, go on a private tour, go out clubbing or to visit various bars and restaurants, learn massage or cooking, learn about the work of various organizations, learn Thai or whatever you want to do during your stay with us, we will endeavour to assist in any way possible.


What makes us a little bit different from other guesthouses in Chiang Mai??


Our Staff – First and foremost we believe that the business is made by the staff. We employ some of the most amazing people you will meet during your stay in Thailand, they are all honest, fun, and able to help you out with pretty much anything if you ask. We have two teams who fill a morning and afternoon shift and a night reception manager to see you 'home' safely. The most common comment you will see about Seven Suns is about the great staff! Come meet them and you will see why they have earned their reputation.


Our clocks – our reception area provides clocks to help you understand world time, but with a twist, guess you just have to come visit us to see what we mean by this!!


We have had a Feng Shui expert advise of ways to make your stay with us more comfortable. For more information about Feng Shui please . The most obscure and maybe noticeable aspect of our Feng Shui symbolism is the rocks on the bathroom floors. These are to draw the negative energy held in the bathroom towards the floor, where it is unlikely to affect you!!


We also promote environmental protection. We actively recycle all materials that we can, we separate our rubbish into wet (used vegetable peelings, food scraps, etc) and provide these to local pig farmers and dry (plastic wrappers, napkins, cigarette butts). Our plastics, aluminium, paper and glass bottles are collected regularly by the most wonderful old man, who walks here with his little cart to take away our valuable 'waste'!! Our rubbish is really only the things we cannot recycle, which in Thailand includes tetra packs and tin cans!


Our room cleaning policy exists to keep your stay clean, but also reduce the environmental impact of soapy discharge and water consumption. To help us we hope that you understand we will launder sheets and towels every second day, if you prefer an alternate schedule, please advise our staff.


We try to use less electricity by using power saver light bulbs and only turning things on when needed! Help us in this way, but turning off the air-con when you leave the room, if it is really hot, tell us about what time you come back and we will turn your air on 15 minutes before you get back! For more information on our ecological footprint


We respect our customers' privacy and lifestyles. We have neat, clean rooms, good food, friendly staff, a quiet relaxed ambiance and quality assistance in your tours and stay with us.


Contact Us Information


Seven Suns

155 Ratchamanka Road T. Prasingh, A. Muang Chiang Mai

Thailand 50200 Tel: +66 (0) 53 814 325, (0) 53 814 430

Fax: +66 (0) 53 814 276

e-mail: bookings@sevensuns.net

Web: http://www.sevensuns.net

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