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My Visit to Brazil for the Month of March!

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Day Zero


This at times may be long and boring and full of information that others don't need or wish to read. I am trying to detail my experience for the month and will include prices and small details that may bore others. Just an advance warning. :) It is also not about Thailand but it is about a place I love to visit and hopefully some of you will read this and want to visit one day.


It is always very difficult to find a good price on airfare ticket going to Brazil. But this time Delta Airlines had a ticket that was around $2200 with 30,000 miles to upgrade for first class. I jumped at the ticket.


Well, I would not say that I necessarily jumped at the ticket. I called Delta Airlines several times in order to find the best price of the ticket. After several calls I got ranges anywhere from over five or $6000 and finally down to the 2200 I felt comfortable with. I tried to leave from Dallas Forth Worth but it was going to cost over 1200 more and I decided the drive to Austin was fine for me.


I stayed one night at an airport hotel called Fairfield Suites Hotel. It was around 90USD. It is about 8 miles from airport and as I had to return a rental car, I booked that room.


Austin Airport is small. It is not a big place but it is very easy to get from rental cars to the check in. As I had a business class ticket, I am allowed 3 bags. Most people know I like to travel with lots of shit, but on this trip, I got everything into 2 suitcases and 2 carryons. I can't believe it. But, as I'll be taking GOL Airline on at least 4 or 5 other segments during the course of the month, I thought packing light was a good idea.


The airplane ride BOEING 767-400 was fine. It was supposed to be the lay flat beds. However these beds are not the same size as the beds that are lay flat seats that go over to Asia. These beds were smaller in width. And your feet had to go in front of above the chair in front of you. It was nowhere for a really big guy to be comfortable. And, if you selected an odd number row by the window, it meant your shoulders were pushed against the plane if you have big shoulders. As soon as I got to hotel, I got on Internet and changed my seat assignment for when I return to USA in a month.


I did like the new Tumi bathroom accessory bag that is given to business class passengers. I love Tumi and this was a pleasant surprise. I have about 10 Tumi luggage pieces and love that I will now get some free. The meals on the Delta flight were tasty and the crew was pleasant. However, for the business class section, they took the 2 bathrooms from the front and it left only 2 bathrooms in the rear. In other words, lines the entire time. Not sure why on earth they would configure the new planes like this.


I'm not really sure what happened with this German passenger. But after the breakfast meal we were all standing in line to go to the restroom. The pilot of the airplane went to the restroom, came out of the restroom, and relocked the door to the restroom from the outside as well. I thought odd but perhaps he had an accident. After the pilot relocked the door so no one could enter another pilot came down to use the restroom in other word, he was saving the bathroom for the pilots. The German passenger got very irate and started yelling and screaming and calling them every name in the book. It was crazy experience that I didn't think what happened on an airplane and especially in the business class section. The pilot warned him that if he did not call down that he would have to have someone restrain him and have police waiting on him when we got to San Paulo. I tried to intervene the best I could and told the guy keep his mouth shut but he didn't listen to me or anyone else. He was extremely obnoxious, overly rude and very boisterous. I'm surprised they did not put him in restraints on the plane. He felt he was entitled to the restroom as a paying customer before the pilots. He said this to them and told them he would never fly their fucking airline again.


When we got off of the airplane in San Paulo Brazil there were policemen waiting outside. I do not know if it were waiting for him or waiting for someone else. I do know that they made a call on the airplane sound system for a passenger with the German name to see the people outside.


Typical of Brazil, once we got to the airport the lines to get through immigration took almost 45 minutes. After immigration, I had to pick up my luggage which was all waiting there in a belt that was not moving. The belt was piled high with luggage falling all of the place. For such a world class city, the airport sucks!


I decided that I would take the taxi from the airport. The cost from the airport in some Paulo to my hotel was 116 R. I decided that I would get the taxi from the booth at the airport. It is never advisable to just let someone that's telling you that they will your taxi driver without the official medallion.


I decided this time I will be a bit more adventurous than I have passed and stay in the hotel I have not stayed in before. I chose to stay at the Holiday Inn express. The Holiday Inn express had a special promotion to where you can stay each night for 5000 points. Being the point guy that I am I realize that 5000 points for one night at the Holiday Inn express versus 40,000 points for one night at the Intercontinental downtown was just too big of a difference to pass out, so I booked The Holiday Inn Express.


It took me about 50 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel. I arrived early morning plane was late and it was rush hour. The traffic was horrible to get to the hotel.


The Holiday Inn Express is in a very nice-looking neighborhood. I have not had the chance to explore around the area yet. But at least they have a room ready for me when I arrived. Since I am one other priority club members I was able to check in at 9 AM.


The room is very basic but clean and livable for a week.


My day zero going from Austin Texas to Atlanta airport and then on to San Paulo was a very long day zero. Now, it is time for my Brazil Adventure 2013.

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Guest fountainhall

I did like the new Tumi bathroom accessory bag that is given to business class passengers. I love Tumi


I did not realise that Tumi did in-flight kits. I'd love one of those little bags. I suspect they’re far more useful than the dozens of other useless ones from different airlines clogging up one of my cupboards! I can't seem to get round to throwing them away.


I got my only Tumi, a carry-on expander, at Macy's in New York more than 12 years ago. Like you, I love the Tumi brand. It was far from cheap - about US$500, but in London it was retailing at £550. I've used it on 200+ flights since then and it's almost as good as new.


18 months or so ago I had to buy a medium-size case for a 2-week trip to HKG, Moscow and the UK to replace a much-used Samsonite that was dying on me. There was a 15% off Tumi sale here in BKK and I was very tempted, but I opted for a new model, an ultra-lightweight Samsonite Cordoba Duo that was half the price.


That trip involved 8 flights – all on carriers I have used for years – Cathay, Pacific, BA and Emirates. When I returned home and unpacked, I noticed the case was a bit the worse for wear. I looked more closely. The skin had been punctured several times, and the fabric was frayed in other parts. It was appalling for what had been a brand new case. I had never before had any punctures on soft cases.


I took the case back to Central Chidlom and demanded a refund. I was fobbed off from A to B to C . . . until eventually some service manager arrived. I was offered a full repair. I refused to take the case back in any condition. After more than an hour, I walked out, leaving the case with them – but not before I had photographed all the faults. I then wrote to the Chairman of the Central Department Stores chain and the President of Samsonite in Massachussets, enclosing my receipts and photos and expressing my outrage! Eventually, I got a call from Central Chidolm. They would give me a full refund or a full credit to put towards another case! I took the cash. Nine months later I saw an ‘old’ model Tumi sale in Emporium and got their lightweight mid-size case for not much more than I had paid for the Samsonite! I love it. For regular travellers, it’s a great case.


This pic shows just some of the faults - in a new case!



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Guest anonone

Tumi kits are given out on another airline.  I am a Star Alliance guy, so I am sure it was one of those airlines...maybe Lufthansa?

I still like the little Rimowa kits the best.  Like you fountainhall, I just can't seem to throw them away....though BF has swiped a couple of them now. 


As for full sized luggage, I am hooked on my Briggs & Riley. 


Anyway..back on topic  :p


I am also very interested in your Brazil report Michael.  Have a great time and spare no details.

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Day One


Today was mostly about getting to know the neighborhood in which my hotel is located. I walked around the area and got familiar with the pharmacy, the restaurants, and the ATM machine.


There were ATM machines at the airport this morning, however when I tried my ATM card in them they did not work. It seems to me that many of the machines are for Brazilian cards and don't read the USA style well. So I found the Citibank that was close by the hotel which works fine. The cost for any withdrawal is 12R.


I had lunch at a local Brazilian café. They call them juice bars. The juice bars make yummy fresh squeezed orange juice and other juices, and many different kinds of snacks. I'm always able to eat a couple of different things and the juice bar and get a fresh orange juice for less than 10 real. I have attached a photo of my lunch today. Total cost was less than 10R for the OJ and the sandwich.


After lunch I walked more around the neighborhood and got familiar with the scene. Late in the afternoon I decided I wanted to be at Fragata Sauna for it to open. The boys usually start coming around 3:30 or 4:00 and customers normally start coming in five. The crowd starts off slow but more and more come as the evening goes on. I like to get there early and have the pick of the boys. :)


Termas Fragata | Rua Francisco Leitão, 71| (11) 3085-7061 | http://www.termasfragata.com.br

Fragata is in fact a sauna, with all that implies, including private rooms and suites. However, they're particularly proud of their stripper shows and other hosted events, so stick around for the talent! Sunday and Tuesday are the best days in terms of a decent crowd of eligible boy toys as well as local delicacies.

But, I have found that any day that you are willing to wait and be patient, Mr. Right Now will walk in the door. Some people go to a sauna, don't see anyone they want to spend time with and they leave. I am the opposite. I get there early, sit and have a drink in a good spot where I can see all the incoming newbies and I wait. I don't mind waiting a few hours and I always get at least 10 guys come over to chat and try to get me to partake in their passions. :) One guy today showed me his big dick and I don't think I have seen something so gigantic except on a toy store shelf. :)


I was sitting and watching some very beautiful twink guys walk in the sauna. There were at least 5 I wanted to spend time with. One of them in particular caught my eye. I cannot quite place it but I knew that he was just my time. The more I gave him eye contact, the more he wandered away.


After about an hour of watching other guys walk in and out and several of them just my type, the one boy that I have been staring at the entire day looked like a light bulb went off and motioned for me to come over and sit down next to him. When I did, he said to me, "Hey Mike how is Thailand."


I looked at him and I said what is your name. He said, my name is Christian. All of a sudden the light bulb went off of my mind. Christian was a young man that I met many years ago in San Paulo Brazil. Christian also stayed with me for one week at an extremely night rate as I was in awe of him. The week was one wild roller coaster ride.


While I sometimes like getting on a roller coaster ride, the one with Christian was definitely one of the ones that I didn't go back and repeat. Christian was very new to the game, 18 years old, and while great for sex, the lack of English for someone living me in day and night drove me crazy. For the sex it was great and for the companionship, it was great. But, he was high maintenance for someone who was supposed to be entertaining me. :) It was obvious from his walking around today and not giving others eye contact that he feels he is above the scene. Or, he just doesn't like it. It is more typical for most sauna guys to walk and say hi to everyone and be friendly to everyone. That was not the same for Christian today but at least he finally remembered me when I sat down and started to chat. When he remembered who I was he got extremely affectionate, hugging and kissing and perhaps thinking that he would get another high end assignment.


8 years later Christian is a grown man almost 30 years old and has been living in Europe part the past five years. He is also a beautician. He trained in Milan. And he lives in Madrid part of the year.




My time today with Christian today was very enjoyable. He reminded me of so many things that we did in my one week with him (I didn't remember a full week but a long weekend. He said it was a week). And it was great to catch up with an old friend. And, the sex as always was great.


This only cost 40R to get in the private rooms cost 25R. And drinks are 6R. Christian asked for 100R and I said OK. He said, "or you can pay me the 1,000 US per day that you did the last time." LOL I could not say no to this guy and there is a sucker born every minute. :) I was that sucker 8 years ago and this cute little blond twink took me for a ride. :)


I did not want to deal with subways today as I was tired. I got a taxi to the sauna and that cost 18R. The same price on the way back. It is about a 15 minute ride in a taxi.


For dinner I walked all around the neighborhood and I really like this area. I feel safe and there were lots of people out running, walking their dogs and drinking in the outdoor cafes.


I wanted Italian but I could not find the place the hotel recommended so I had Pizza. It was a yummy pizza with chicken, corn and cheddar cheese. It was really great but it was 50R for the meal and I still have slices for late tonight or early morning.


All in all, I had a great day today. I have attached some photos for you of the lunch, the dinner pizza and Christian. :) Hope you enjoy!










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FH, I agree with you about Tumi. Not cheap but certainly worth the price. I own several pieces including their larger computer rolling bag. It has been with me back and forth everywhere I have traveled for at least 6 years and it still looks like new. Same for a few other pieces I bought from them. I decided many years back after having to replace one bag after another that I would go for quality bags over cheap ones and it paid off. Most of my luggage is either Tumi, Boyt or Pelican Case. Not once I have had issues with any of them. The Tumi holds up great and I was so excited to get one. Like others, I keep my airplane gifts and normally give to the BF as he uses them for coins for poker, etc. But, this one is all mine.


Anonone, I have not gotten the Rimowa but that is another great brand!


TW: don't worry, I'll try to take some photos. I hope this trip is more cultural than saunas everyday but we shall see.


Thanks BigTopMe and BaoBao, I'll try to get as much information as I can about the cities. Brazil is a wonderful place and while so different than Thailand, it is one place that everyone should visit at least once in their life. From the beauties of the land to the beauties in the saunas, it really is magical.

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Guest thaiworthy

KT, don't let it tempt you. You are a man on a mission. It probably tastes and smells terrible. Pizza is the worst thing you can put in your body. Junk, junk, junk.


Hmmm . . . BTW, I thought Michael was supposed to be a on diet? He had to lose 100 lbs. Why are you eating pizza, Michael? What happened to this stuff you were raving to me about not too long ago? Didn't you bring your Vitamix with you? For shame! What was that stuff you liked, Jay Robb's line of products?




Now wait, let me guess, you're going to start TOMORROW?

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Damn, Michael, Mr. Christian, with that smile and body, sure looks like he could charm the pants off of anyone.  You were it (lucky) this particular day.


:) There were about 4 others at this sauna that I really liked as well.  After I sat down with Christian, a young lad from Rio came over.  He was 20, adorable and much darker but an amazing smile.  Christian did not want a 3 way with him as he doesn't like people from Rio. LOL  But, I'll go back in a few days and try to meet him again alone.



To hell with Christian. To a man on a diet that pizza look delicious. :hot:



LOL  I ate 2 slices for dinner.  Then 2 more in 5 hours later. :)   The rest went to the trash.


IMHO, it is about moderation. 


Plus, I had a very good breakfast and lunch.  I am sure not quite your 1,000 calories for the day, but it was a good compromise for me. ;)

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Can't blame him since it is almost impossible to find a good pizza in Pattaya!!



Well, Firecat, it is about as impossible to find good pizza in Pattaya as it would be to convince my family who are physicists that there is someone coming down from the Heavens in order to take the righteous up to paradise. ;)

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I want a brazillion pictures of hot Braziilans!

I want to see a hot picture of a Brazilian's brazilian (even if board policies need amending).


I usually travel with a large rucksack and a smaller rucksack for hand luggage, which could be fitted inside the main rucksack.  

Perhaps it's too easy to add or remove items from a check in rucksack, but I've never had a problem so far.  And they're really good for getting around quickly.

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The Mercadao Municipal is an amazing covered market in the downtown area of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The building is housed inside a gigantic train station looking building. The windows are beautiful stained glass and a series of vast domes. The market specializes in fresh produce and dried goods but for me, it is famous for the sandwiches that Anthony Boudain raved about. He suggested I get the mortadella sandwiches and pasteis, pockets of dough stuffed with meat, cheese or fish and then fried.


The Italian mortadela sandwich is the signature item at the Bar do Mané, one of the oldest shops in the market. The sandwich is piled as high as the lines at Disney World. I ordered both today but didn't know how amazingly filling they were and thus, I had to take one home with me for dinner. The cost for each one is about 11R or 6USD.


I also fell in love with one cheese place that offered me sample after sample. I tasted each one and then I bought some for sandwiches and crackers later.


The place is abuzz with people and everyone ordering food, laughing and having a good time. It was enjoyable and such a great experience. I would highly recommend this to everyone!


The Pasteis de Camarao (hot shrimp pastry pockets) were one of the best things I have even bitten! (and that says a lot) I'll be going back to this place on many many days in the future. It has become a favorite of mine!
























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Guest fountainhall

Thanks Michael. I'm curious. Do South Americans have some sort of love affair with stained-glass? I saw this window in the first cafe I entered in Buenos Aires!




And the two guys who ran the lovely  guesthouse I stayed in had this in the living room.



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Lots of pictures of FOOD and no HOT GUYS. I'm hoping the problem will be rectalfied soon.  :p

I quite agree with TW.  Michael you are driving me nuts as I have a boy at home. What i don't have at home is great looking food.  Actually, I like the tourist stuff as much as, if not more, then all the boy pictures.  If I ever go to Rio that is one place I will go too.  You can post interesting places like that all day and you will have my full attention, not that the boy pictures are that hard to look at.  Also, I hate to see TW cry.

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Guest abang1961

Michael, thanks for the beautiful pictures and the detailed report.

I wish I was there to see the sights.... simply divine - stained glass windows and old buildings...


One question:

Does South American look like Spanish or Greek?

I mean, I am from Asia so I can differentiate a Japanese from a Korean/Chinese.

But for farangs, I can't tell/see the difference.

Enlighten me...thank you

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Lots of pictures of FOOD and no HOT GUYS. I'm hoping the problem will be rectalfied soon.  :p


LOL I'll try but I am here more for an adventure than for sexcapades. Although, I do hope to do both. In Sao Paulo, I have my regular boy (now near 30) that I have seen for 10 years. I see him every night and he puts me to bed. I don't take photos of him or share him with anyone. :) He has a wife and I am having dinner with them both tomorrow. He keeps me happy when in Sao Paulo but I'll try to find more guys for you TW. :)


Thanks Michael. I'm curious. Do South Americans have some sort of love affair with stained-glass? I saw this window in the first cafe I entered in Buenos Aires!


Thank you for bringing this up. I have seen so many stained glasses in Brazil as well. I think it is their love for beautiful things. No where else on earth do I feel like John Keats would feel more at home. Today, I was in a very poor part of town. But, the women were dressed like a million bucks.


I'll try to find some more stained glass for you as you have me curious as to how common it is down here.



I quite agree with TW.  Michael you are driving me nuts as I have a boy at home. What i don't have at home is great looking food.  Actually, I like the tourist stuff as much as, if not more, then all the boy pictures.  If I ever go to Rio that is one place I will go too.  You can post interesting places like that all day and you will have my full attention, not that the boy pictures are that hard to look at.  Also, I hate to see TW cry.


Thank you!

Does South American look like Spanish or Greek?

The country is very diverse and because of it mix of people over the centuries, I think many styles come into play. Portuguese and Spanish are prevalent throughout the country. But, the country has a large German population in the South and many areas the architecture is very reminiscent of that.


The people of Brazil are very mixed as well and thus they are so unique. I think their buildings are the same as well.


There are several great Brazilian architects but the one that comes to my mind is Oscar Niemeyer. Look him up and look at some of his work. It is breathtaking.

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Day 2


Woke up today and had breakfast at my hotel. It is free and it is very basic. They have fresh eggs, bread, meats and cheeses and juices and coffee. It is a typical breakfast with not too many choices but it is fine for free. The hotel I am at is costing me only 5k points per night. I normally book rooms that get me extra points and pay about 10 USD for 1k extra points per booking. So, this hotel basically cost me max of 50 USD. But, I also get regular points for free so the actual cost is from 0-50 depending on how you look at it.


I will often do points games that get the extra points. Like last year I did a challenge to stay in 4 different brands of IHC Hotels and I got over 80k points. That would be about 16 nights free here.


I had booked the Intercontinental Hotel in Sao Paulo as a backup in case the Holiday Inn Express doesn't work for me but that is 35k points per night. I save over 300,000 points by staying in one hotel verses the other. In other words, that would be 2 free months at this hotel for points and IMHO, this is a good choice. (although I do miss my regular hotel)


For lunch I went to the Mercadao Municipal downtown. See the previous post for photos and report.


For the afternoon, I went to Thermas Lagoa.


Termas LAGOA | Rua Borges Lagoa, 287 | (11) 5573-9689 | http://www.thermaslagoa.com.br


Some think it's gone downhill, while for others it's a beloved favorite; but sauna fans could easily spend all day, and most of the night, at LAGOA. In addition to the usual features – Turkish baths, Finnish saunas, heated whirlpool and masseurs – there are TV and video rooms, live shows, and cabins and suites with A/C. You can even get a hair cut, and have a meal at the bar. Admittedly, this is no restaurant but if you are looking for some basic food, this place is great and the boys love for you to get a large plate and share with them.


Once you get to Lagoa, you need to know that it has blue doors and they stay locked. You need to buzz your way in. This is true for many saunas in Brazil. They have a buzz system at most of the place and you simply buzz and you will hear a click which means it is OK to enter. You enter and register at the front. Often they will ask for your name. You get a bracelet with your key to the locker and the locker number. You order your drinks, suites, and everything with this number.


Upon checkout, always check your bill. This time, as in numerous times in the past, they added something to my bill that I did not order. This happens often at this place if they don't know you. I always wait to get the full receipt and I look over it and I tell them, I did not order this and I just wait. He looked at me for a bit as if waiting for me to pay anyway and I look at him like he is insane. He takes it off the bill and I pay. I would offer this up as coincidence but it has happened to me over 20 times over the years and I think just something they try with new foreign customers. The cost to get in was 50R I think. I can't find my receipt so I'll be sure to get it next time.


The reports of it being dead were not what I experienced today. They had an entire slew of boys there. Many were the regular boys I have seen over the years but some very new faces as well. What I did find most interesting is that this is the most gay boys / obvious bottoms I have seen in the place in all my years of visiting. That does not bother me at all as I love a good bottom but many of the Brazilian customers prefer the much more masculine guys.


There were several very large muscular bodybuilders in the place. It has at least 10 of these guys that looked like they just stepped off the Steroid train. :)


There was one guy that totally caught my attention. His name was Zach and he was with another customer and when he saw me looking and smiling at him, he came over to say hi to me after his customer had went home. He was simply divine. So, divine in fact, I was planning our wedding and honeymoon. He has a face to die for and a sexy boy. He was tall with brown hair and a sexy smile.


He came over and we chatted. He is totally versatile. Without even asking him he said his rate was 300. I asked a friend who was sitting with me the Portuguese number he said to be sure I understood correctly and he said that was what he asked for. I told him no thanks and he left. I was heartbroken. Yes, I know that is only 150 US and most likely a great deal for him but I wasn't willing to pay so much more than a regular Brazilian customer. From the moment he walked away, I regretted it. However, I was not willing to pay that amount for him on that night. I don't know if I'll break down just to find he is as tasty as I think he is, but if he is there next week, I guess we'll find out.


I decided I wanted a massage and had the massage guy give me one. I think his rates are 80R but I gave him 100 without discussing fees and he was very happy with it. It was a solid 50 minutes and he was great at the massage. He was strong and worked over every muscle I needed worked on.


For dinner, I ate my leftover sandwich from lunch.

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I wish I was there with you.  Everything looks great.  Keep the pics coming all of them Food men everything.  A few questions: What is the exchange rate?  Is the dollar weak as hell in Brazil too? Were there any beefy muscled guys with big asses in the sauna?  I love ass and thighs

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I wish I was there with you.  Everything looks great.  Keep the pics coming all of them Food men everything.  A few questions: What is the exchange rate?  Is the dollar weak as hell in Brazil too? Were there any beefy muscled guys with big asses in the sauna?  I love ass and thighs



Right now the exchange rate is 1.98. Yes, it sucks. Better than the last time I came but not as good as many years ago at 4.5.


The Brazilian economy is VERY strong and it is moving millions into middle class. It is a different place than when I first visited.


There were TONS of beefy muscle guys with big asses at the sauna. They are very frequent at both places in Sao Paulo.

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Day 3


It was a great day today and full of excitement and joy. Although, I'll say up front, there are no boy photos today. It was more of a cultural day for me.


After breakfast, I went to the Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS) on Avenida Europa 158. I was there shortly after it opened. It is one of my favorite spots in Sao Paulo but you need to check what exhibit they have there. I have planned this trip for months and I have been more excited to see this exhibit than just about any other part of my trip. Ai Weiwei is the Chinese dissident artist who was arrested and imprisoned in 2011 and the show today was hundreds of his photos that have never been on display in South America.


It really was an amazing show. Unfortunately, they don't allow photography inside. But, his works took over the entire space and I loved every moment. I especially love this work from the 1980's and 90's in NYC. The photo of him with Alan Ginsberg was beautiful as were his images from Wigstock and Al Sharpton marching hand in hand with Tawana Brawley. I love his photos of his native China and the vast spaces he designed and built and photographed at every point of construction. Some of the most moving photos were the ones he took of his father and family when he returned home to China after the father was sick. It really was an amazing exhibit and I am so glad I went.


After that, I went to Paulista Avenue to have lunch. I ate at a local diner and had some quick food as I wanted to hit the MASP next.


The Museu de Arte de São Paulo is a place I have been many times but they have a large collection and they put out different paintings and I wanted to see what was there. It was a beautiful collection and I really enjoyed it. They had a little bit of everyone there. The museum is not big like the Smithsonian and it is only about 3 floors high and thus you can't spend days inside but they put out great effort to make a great exhibition and I enjoyed it. I think their room dedicated to Gods and Madonnas: The Art of the Sacred was a great collection. They also had a great collection of art from the Romantics.


Both museums were enjoyable and really made my day special.


To make the day even more special, I had dinner with my friend Danilo. For those of you that don't remember, Danilo is my friend for 10 years now and I met him on my 2nd trip to Rio and he instantly became my tour guide and friend. He and I have stayed in touch for 10 years and every time I am in the city, he and I get together and have dinner a few times. I have met his entire family and all his boyfriends over the years and he has met all my Brazilian boys over the years. It was great to see him.


We had dinner at Lellis Trattoria Rua Bela Cintra, 1849 | Jd Paulista, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil


Lellis is one of the best Italian Restaurants in the city. It is family style so you really only need to order one item and you can share it with 1 or 2 other people. We decided on the Shrimp Risotto and it was great. The place was empty when we got there as Danilo was meeting me right after his work and he has to be up early tomorrow for more work. The dinner was great and I highly recommend it to anyone.


For those that have met Danilo and want an update. He looks fantastic. He is still the beautiful young guy that you know. He looks healthy and happy. He has a new car and he works giving tours to tour groups. I'll tell you more about that in the next few days. But, rest assured, he is doing well.


He drove me back to my hotel and I was inside by 10PM. So, no saunas today. Today was my day to do some things I have wanted to do for a while and my feet are sore from walking all over the city. My belly is full with good food and my day is over with a smile on my face!

Museu da Imagem_3.jpg

Museu da Imagem_6.jpg

Museu da Imagem_1.jpg

Museu da Imagem_2.jpg

Museu da Imagem_4.jpg

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