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VN products on display

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Products with high export potential are being displayed at Vietnamese Goods and Tourism Week in Thailand, which opened on August 22 in Bangkok.


This is the third year in a row the week has been organised in the city as a promotion for both retail items and tourism.


It’s part of plan called “Promote Vietnamese enterprises to directly participate in foreign distribution networks up to 2020” set out in 2015.


“In recent years, the government has opened opportunities for local businesses to further expand their networks overseas, among which Thailand is a promising market,” Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said at the opening.


Thai Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong noted the 42 years of friendly relations between the countries. “These relations have not been just diplomatic, but also strongly involved with economics, trade, investment, culture, education and tourism.”


The countries have long exchanged goods and services, with trade volume and value increasing every year. The Thai private sector has been investing in Vietnam and importing its products, Sontijiwarong said.


Thailand is currently Vietnam’s largest trading partner in Southeast Asia, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Department of Asia-Africa Markets.


Last year, Vietnam-Thailand trade rose to US$15.3 billion from $11.5 billion in 2015, representing an average annual growth rate of 15.5 per cent.


Continues with video


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Based on the headline, I thought it was an article about Screwboys. 


Hopefully Vietnamese tourism actually does what it promises.  

Anyway, let's not debate Vietnamese rent boys again..... instead:


Once upon a time I was considering visiting Phu Quoc in Vietnam.   I did a few searches, to see what's to see and found the following site:



Lovely waterfall. I've seen it myself and a personal photo from almost exactly the same angle is my PC screensaver.   However, I've never been to Phu Quoc and the waterfall is near Luang Prabang in Laos.   Doesn't stop them stealing the photo and using it to promote Phu Quoc.   There are other websites with similar misleading content.

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