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Art Massage

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With the proliferation of Art Massage shops I thought it should have it's own thread. Guess what, there is yet another brand new branch, now smack on Silom Road under BTS Saladaeng, directly opposite Silom Complex. 

Exact location is to the right of Soi 2/1 which is the one going to G.O.D. (or now renamed G.Bangkok), see this screenshot with my annotations from google streetview:


The shop has the same design as all the others with the beige brick walls. 

They must now have 6 or 7 branches by now: 3 or 4 (or is it maybe 5 now lol?) directly on Surawong, one in Soi Tarntawan off Surawong (opposite Tawan), one in Suan Phlu between Soi 6 and 8, and now this one. If we add a post to this thread for each new branch they open this thread could get very long very fast hahaha.

I have limited experience with their shops, I think two visits only. One in the branch right outside Tarntawan Hotel (great experience), and one around the corner from Soi Twilight (not good).

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