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2.5 million Moderna doses arrives in Taiwan

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From Taiwan News

AIPEI (Taiwan News) — The U.S. donation of 2.5 million Moderna vaccine doses arrived at Taoyuan International Airport at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday (June 20), CNA reported.

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Brent Christensen and Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) were both at the airport to greet the arrival of the vaccines.

After the completion of the customs procedure, the vaccines were sent to a cold-storage warehouse for testing and sealing.

The AIT announced the donation in a Facebook post on Saturday night, writing, “The shipment includes the 750,000 doses announced on June 6, and an additional 1.75 million doses. The donation reflects our commitment to Taiwan as a trusted friend, and a member of the international family of democracies.”


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That seems nice but is just enough for 1.25 million people.  Taiwan's population is close to 24 million.  The proven effective Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been formulated and tested now for almost a YEAR, yet simply due to corporate pharma greed are not under super expedited, worldwide production to stop the spread of such a devastating virus.  I'm appalled that the global community isn't outraged at this.  

And this whole proprietary, future incentive nonsense does not trump saving both lives and the economic well being of the planet.  

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Various corporations spent years or decades investing in the technology that underpins the vaccines.    Capitalism does a wonderful job.   

Furthermore, setting up production lines takes time.   The countries that placed orders for vaccines back in 2020 have in many cases received sufficient doses to vaccinate most of their population.    Others have developed their own vaccines or licensed vaccine technology at low cost for local production. Some highly effective vaccines are available for a few $ per dose.

The fact that Taiwan lags behind much poorer countries like India & Cambodia for vaccination rates is most likely due to decisions made in Taiwan in 2020.  

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