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Govt to launch four major tourism events in capital

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From Bangkok Post

he government is planning to launch four big events in Bangkok to promote tourism in the capital, says Traisuree Taisaranakul, deputy government spokesperson.

A panel assessing the impact of Covid-19 on the economy on Friday decided to extend its "Visit Thailand" campaign for one year to stimulate growth in the tourism industry, she said yesterday.

Under the campaign, "Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters", Bangkok will host four events under the theme of "Unfolding Bangkok", she said.

The spokesperson added these events will allow Thai and foreign visitors to experience the capital from next month to January next year.

The events are titled "Sound of Music", "Greeting Bangkok", "Vivid Chao Phraya" and "Living Hua Lamphon", she said.

Sound of Music is a live music show that will be held at the Benchakitti Park and Ratchaprasong intersection area during weekends from June to July, she said.

Greeting Bangkok will take tourists to visit landmarks in Bangkok and Thon Buri during tours from July to September, she said.

Vivid Chao Phraya, moreover, will allow tourists to see a decoration of lights along the river, she said, adding it will be held to welcome attendees of the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in November.

Finally, Living Hua Lamphong involves an art display at the Hua Lumphong Railway station and nearby areas as part of Bangkok Design Week from December to January, she said.


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