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"Tourists don’t come to Thailand for nightlife but for beaches and temples"

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Not for the nightlife and bars? I feel most of us on this forum will disagree with this article about reasons to visit Thailand... 😂🤣


Prominent Thai doctors against extended nightlife closing times, claim tourists don’t come to Thailand to party and nightlife but for beaches and temples...

Thailand – Prominent Thai doctors have warned about the proposal of a 4:00 A.M. closing time extension for nightlife venues in tourist zones which will cause more road deaths, crime, and personal accidents as there is more time to drink alcohol, according to them.

Doctor Taejing Siripanich, a secretary of the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation has given his view about the plan, “The 4:00 A.M. extension plan cannot definitely guarantee about boosting the economy. On the other hand, this might have to be an exchange with health and people’s safety.”

“I believe that foreign tourists come to Thailand not because of nightclubs, drinking, and partying. Most of them want to come here because of natural and cultural tourism places like beaches, parks, traditional Thai culture, and temples. 

Full story: https://thepattayanews.com/2022/08/20/prominent-thai-doctors-against-extended-nightlife-closing-times-claim-tourists-dont-come-to-thailand-to-party-but-for-beaches-and-temples/ 

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35 minutes ago, Gaybutton said:

I wonder if this doctor has ever even met any farang if he comes up with an absurdity like that.  Even if he's right, beaches and temple visits are during the day.  What does he think people do at night, sit in their hotel rooms watching Thai movies?

yes ,   specially BL series !

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5 hours ago, emiel1981 said:

Not for the nightlife and bars? I feel most of us on this forum will disagree with this article about reasons to visit Thailand... 😂🤣


you are correct but realistically speaking, we are very small niche and even at that , only some are inclined to party in bars to wee hours.

Perhaps those doctors are not entirely wrong ?

Before covid biggest arrivals were from China , Russia and India. Did those nationals really crowded  Patpong , Walking Street and soi Bukhao bars?

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Yes, that view may not be welcomed by all but it is accurate. Bearing in mind that most of us are....well, getting on, I wonder how many gay falangs want to be in bars at 0400? 0r 0300? 0r even 0200?

When I was butterflying, it is true that sometimes I'd be in a bar with  an expat mate until 0200. But those were nights when I hadn't caught any fish and I was compensating. Most of us- and I wait to be corrected- are "otherwise engaged" at that time. In my case, sleeping-obviously- but others I assume are nestled in the arms of a beautiful companion. A better place to be than in a noisy bar with a sound system that forbids talking to anybody.



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