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Which Pattaya massage place has the most handsome masculine massuers (nov 2022)?

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Strange that your post did till now not get any response. I guess, myself not very well acquainted with Pty at all, that there is no answer-there are such shops, but there is not one specialising in what you ask for. In general these shops are to be found close by/in the 3 surviving gay areas: Boyztown (the oldest, a soi between 2nd rd and beach=1st rd and mostly famous for long standing BBB, then barely surviving Sunee-once, history now, twink heaven, behind a shopcentre named Tuk.com (once specialising in mobiles etc.) and then-take the bahtbus=2 benchcar=songhthaew for just still 10 bt, Jomtien Plaze/Centre, where such places and bars galore-often with same staff at different hrs.

There is also a smaller and more dedicated on this biggest brothel in the world by the sea: gaybuttonthai.com - forum.

I think the other well known forum -sawatdeenetwork also seems to attract relatively more Pty-goers and knowers and has some fixed listings above its forum. or the blog of christianpfc.blogspot.com must have some fairly recent overveiw.

There seems to be no universal agree on what is best-but there seems to be 1 which better to avoid: that is Scandic. As US you may then rightfully scream out loud ´Scam!

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6 hours ago, 12is12 said:


I too find it strange there was no response at all (especially compared with the volume on the BKK same thread).


probably because there's no universal standard of what it means ' most handsome masculine ".

I'd be pointing you toward Scandic but Pong seems to have opposite opinion above .

In Pattaya there are plenty massage shops with guys sitting outside, just walk by and make your own assessment as to their handsomeness. In pre-covid days I'd point you to Copa in Boyztown but at the moment they don't even have massage services at all.

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1 hour ago, young11 said:

what are the pattaya massage options to begin with? not much information on here I could find.

several massage shops in Jomtien complex , few on the road  leading to the beach, couple around Tukcom (Royal house I particularly liked there), Paradise Spa and Scandic in Boyztown

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U can c all the Jometien parlors on the map, posted in the thread titled "map of Jometien". Soda is the most rcmndd one.Scandic in BT, mentioned above by Vinapu, garnered the most ngtv reviews. 

I didnt go into any of them, bcs the boys outside all seemed twinky or effeminate or otherwise unappealing; but thats just my taste. I did rcmnd Tob from Foxy; he is mscln and handsome. U might want to read my rprt.


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