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Yellow Line to get trial run in mid-May

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From The Nation

The Yellow Line, Thailand’s first monorail mass-transit system, will start its free trial run in mid-May before providing full commercial service in June, according to its operator.

Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc (BTSC) plans to carry out a trial run of the Yellow Line free of charge for two weeks starting in the middle of May, said Surapong Laoha-Unya, its CEO.

The 30.4-km-long monorail mass-transit system connects Bangkok’s Lat Phrao district with Samut Prakan’s Samrong neighbourhood.

“We expect to start opening commercial service of the Yellow Line in June, which is earlier than planned,” Surapong said.

He said independent engineering consultants will examine the trains’ safety system so that the Yellow Line can be certified for commercial service.

Meanwhile, the Pink Line, another monorail mass-transit system under construction, is expected to have its trial run in July before partial commercial service of certain sections in August, Surapong said.

The 34.5 km-long Pink Line connects Bangkok’s Min Buri district and Nonthaburi’s Khae Rai neighbourhood north of the capital city. Construction of some Pink Line stations has been delayed, but it is expected to be completed towards the end of this year.

BTSC operates the Yellow Line and the Pink Line through its subsidiaries Eastern Bangkok Monorail and Northern Bangkok Monorail, respectively, which won concessions to build and operate both systems.

BTSC, which also operates the Skytrain in Bangkok, expects to earn 2 billion baht a year from both the Yellow Line and Pink Line, Surapong said.

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UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Yellow Line monorail will open for service from Samrong Station to Hua Mak Station, a total of 13 stations, on Saturday and then they will gradually increase the number of stations. Opening time is expected to be 9am-8pm. Stations Open: The 13 stations that will be open to the public for trial use, consist of Samrong Station, Thipawan Station, Si Thepha Station, Si Dan Station, Si Bearing Station, Si La Sal Station Sri Iam Station, Si Udom Station, Suan Luang Rama 9 Station, Srinakarin 38 Station, Si Nut Station, Kelantan Station and Hua Mak Station. News reports also stated that the MRT Yellow Line Project Lat Phrao - Samrong, a distance of 30.4 kilometers (km), is the first monorail line in Thailand with 23 stations.

The Yellow Line electric train route starts at Ratchada-Lat Phrao intersection, runs along Lat Phrao Road until Bang Kapi Intersection and turns right onto Srinakarin Road, passing Si Nut, Sri Udom, Sri Iam intersections until reaching Sri Thepha intersection. Then turns right onto Thepharak Road. It ends at the intersection of Sukhumvit Road at Samrong station

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Richard Barrow takes us along for a ride on the new line. Next best thing to being there.

If you’re a fan of Richard Barrow, you’ll want to check out this recent profile piece appearing in the.South China Morning Post.


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From. Thai PBS World

Yellow Line train free trial service to be extended to 22 stations

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT) has agreed to expand the free trial run of the Yellow Line electric train service from 13 stations to 22 stations and to extend the operating hours from 6am to 8 pm, starting on Monday June 12th.

Currently, the trial service, launched on June 3rd, runs from Hua Mark to Samrong station from 9am to 8pm.

The expansion of the trial, to include nine more stations, will be from Srinagarind Road to Lat Phrao Road. The stations are Pawana, Chokchai 4, Lat Phrao 71, Lat Phrao 83, Mahadthai, Lat Phrao 101, Bang Kapi, Lam Salee and Sri Kritha.

The Yellow Line service has 23 stations in total, covering a distance of 30.4km. As 22 stations are to open for the trial service tomorrow (Monday), the only station not yet open is Lat Phrao, where work on pavements and nearby road surfacing is being completed.

The Yellow Line is a feeder service to connect passengers from eastern Bangkok and Samut Prakan to the main mass transit lines in Bangkok

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From The Nation

The fare structure for the newly completed elevated MRT Yellow Line train service will be considered at the Cabinet meeting today (June 20) and will be announced before the commercial opening date on July 3, the Transport Ministry has announced.

“We do not expect any problems in getting the fare rate approved by the (caretaker) cabinet. The line should be able to open commercially next month as scheduled,” Deputy Transport Minister Athirat Rattanaset said on Monday.

Yellow Line operator Eastern Bangkok Monorail (EBM) has indicated that the proposed fare will start at 15 baht and be capped at 45 baht. The company expects an average of 200,000 passengers per day after the commercial opening.

The MRT Yellow Line monorail has been offering free trial rides since June 3. The trial run first covered the 13 stations from Samrong to Hua Mak stations, with a further nine from Sri Kritha to Phawana stations added last week.

The Lat Phrao-Samrong Yellow Line route spans 30.4 kilometres and comprises 23 stations. The route starts at the Ratchada-Lat Phrao intersection near MRT Lat Phrao station and runs along Lat Phrao Road, crosses the Bang Kapi intersection before turning right onto Srinakarin Road. After passing the Soi Onnuch and Theparak intersections at Sri Nuch and Sri Thep stations, the train takes a right turn into Theparak Road before terminating at the Samrong Station at the Sukhumvit intersection.

BTSC is also constructing the Khae Rai-Minburi section of the MRT Pink Line and expects the line to start trial runs in November this year, after more than two years of delay due to Covid-19 outbreak, he said.

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