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Help with Bangkok

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Next month I'm arriving to Thailand again for a months holiday.

The thing is this.

In the last 20 years I have very rarely gone to Bangkok but this time I plan to stay a week on my arrival instead of the usual Pattaya.

So I need some help guys.

I plan to stay Tartawan mainly because they check ID and it's a gay hotel.My plan is to get African guys from Grindr so hopefully they will know the hotel .

last time I stayed there was about 6 years ago and does the security guard still check ID ?

Is this the best hotel for this?

Secondly the difference between Bangkok & Pattaya I know ,I know is the cost , I'm expecting to pay probably 3k for short time, BUT I'm expecting better quality not the usual full time money boys 

I want to get the model looks 

Am I right for Bangkok 

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3000 for short time is very high , even for Bangkok but not unheard of.

As for Tarntawan being gay hotel I suggest you move to 21st century. You should not have any problems withn visitors there though. Last time I was there they were checking visitors ID , even forum.members visiting for chat on broad daylight. Now you know why I don t stay there.

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49 minutes ago, Olddaddy said:

I'm looking at this Furama Silom  has a gym ,close by to the bars 

Seems a alternative 

Furama is great value, especially the one tier up, deluxe room if im not mistaken. You will get higher rooms with better view, fully renovated and larger bathroom for very minor extra rate. 

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