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Eye-catching teammates

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Sports events are discussed on this board from time to time and often it's because of the eye candy.

From Pattaya Mail


In a gripping match against DP Kanchanaburi FC on Saturday September 23rd, Pattaya United secured a 1-1 draw. The standout performance came from Pakornphat Phasuk, a player who has subsequently been deemed an “MVP” of the match by the Pattaya United team.

Starting from the previous game, the Dolphin’s coaches said Pakornphat didn’t disappoint. With a powerful strike, he clinched the team’s first official goal in their iconic sky-blue and white jersey.

The match was a great display of Pakornphat’s exceptional speed and sharp shooting skills. His boundless energy on the field made him a pivotal player, the team described on its Facebook official account. Thoroughly impressed, the team dubbed him the man of the match. “Pakornphat Phasuk, a force to be reckoned with, who proved his mettle,” the team said.



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I have become a fan of international badminton tournaments which are shown regularly on TV in Thailand. Many cute Asian guys in that sport, but I am always surprised that even when they are leaping in the air prior to smashing the ball, you rarely see any bulges!

Table tennis is another sport that has recently begun to be televised. The young Taiwanese  Lin Yun-ru rarely smiles but I find him very cute. He's curently dropped to No. 8 in the world, partly because he had to withdraw from a couple of tournments with a wrist injury.. Pity the sport is played so incredibly quickly nowadays. It is difficult to make out body contours! 😵 And not easy to find really good photos of him, unfortunately, so this will have to do.


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